Delicious catering platters for any occasion

From antipasto to mezze, cheese to seafood, platters are an easy and affordable catering option.

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Some of the catering platters do we offer

Just some of the benefits to using EatFirst for your platter catering

Awesome variety

From fresh Italian to spicy Asian food, we have a catering option for every occasion, taste and budget.

Expert advice

Our catering experts work with you to meet your exact catering needs. Our job is to make you look great (and we're great at it!)

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We have corporate catering platters to suit every taste

No matter what meal you're catering for, there will be a platter fit for your needs. Our catering partners offer breakfast platters with bacon and egg sliders or fruit salads, lunch boards with sandwiches and salads and grazing platters packed with cheese and meats.

And not just can they suit any taste, they'll also fit just about all budgets. Platters for a group are almost always a more affordable option than ordering individually packaged lunches.

Plus, they're great at catering for dietary restrictions too with special vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options with just about every caterer.

Mixed platter of breakfast items, including croissants, yogurts and quiche.
Platter of chicken schnitzel sandwiches.

Fresh, tasty and on-time delivery guaranteed

We know how important it is that your events go smoothly, whether its nibbles for casual business meeting or gourmet canapé or grazing platters served at a corporate awards night.

That's why we only work with the best caterers in Australia, and to us, that means you're getting freshly prepared meals that are delicious and delivered when you need it.

All of our partners are vetted by our team before we add them to our marketplace, and we display a customer rating our of five (if available) alongside each caterer.

Some of our top picks for platter catering:

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Why platters are my go-to

If you just want something that's quick and easy but that also shows that you put some effort into it, food platters are the way to go. They're a quick and easy way to cater to a group of people and require minimal clean-up, especially for informal office gatherings.

My favourite thing about have food platters is that you can have a wide variety of options on just one plate while still catering different dietary requirements, like vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and more. This helps to ensure that all guests feel included. As a vegetarian myself, I really like being able to pick and choose which bits I do and don't want.

What platters I get when I'm hosting

Cheese platter are certainly my favourite kind of platter. Every time I need to put together a spread when I'm hosting, I quickly preparer a cheese and dips platter with some fruit, and everyone is always pleased and impressed.

A great way to end any kind of event is with a sweets platter. It's available for people to serve themselves and network before wrapping up for the day. A platter with some fruit, brownies, caramel sweets and mini cupcakes are always a crowd pleasure.

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We offer a huge range of platters

With more than 20 cuisines available, we offer a huge range of options in our catering marketplace.

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your next event, or just for some inspiration, here are some of the most popular food platters:


What is it? A Mediterranean-style platter that often has cured meat, cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, artichokes, roasted capsicum and other typical cold Mediterranean side dishes.
Where to get it:
CNI Catering (Western Sydney), Corella Fine Foods (Sydney), Cookery Nook (Brisbane), Corporate Platters (Adelaide), Cougars Cafe (Perth), Five Sisters Gourmet Catering (Brisbane)... and many more!


What is it? All your breakfast favourites, including sandwiches, banana bread and muffins. Some places will also do individual yogurt cups and DIY smashed avo toast (with plenty of delicious toppings!)
Where to get it:
The Catering Dept (Sydney), Charlie and Franks (Sydney), Hello Sarnie (Adelaide)


What is it? A selection of hard and soft cheeses, usually paired with biscuits, fruit and spreads like a quince.
Where to get it:
Say Cheese (Brisbane), Corella Fine Foods (Sydney), Dine Catering (Adelaide)


What is it? Smaller portions of a selection of sweet treats, like bite-sized tarts, brownies biscuits, macarons and mini cupcakes.
Where to get it:
Yummy Box (Perth), Sugarless Bakery (Perth), Little Birdy Co (Brisbane)


What is it? Fresh seasonal fruit washed and sliced, ready to eat.
Where to get it:
Cougars Cafe (Perth), Five Sisters Gourmet Catering (Brisbane)


What is it? Plenty of cured meats, like salami and prosciutto, paired with fresh bread, olives and spreads or served as part of a cheese board.
Where to get it:
Cougars Cafe (Perth), CNI Catering (Western Sydney), Cookery Nook (Brisbane)


What is it? Middle Eastern appetisers, including grilled vegetables like eggplant and zucchini, falafel, kibbeh and plenty of dips and bread.
Where to get it:
LHM Catering (Sydney), Corella Fine Foods (Sydney), Luxurious Grazing (Adelaide)

Sandwiches and wraps

What is it? A catering classic, get bulk orders of sandwiches and wraps on sourdough, baguettes, wholemeal and other breads. Gluten-free and vegan options are available at most caterers, too.
Where to get it:
Pita Pit (Sydney), Fabulous Catering (Melbourne), JustEat (Perth), Hello Sarnie (Adelaide)


What is it? Cold seafood delights, including prawns and oysters. Sometimes warm items are also included, like crumbed calamari.
Where to get it:
The Blonde Butler (Sydney), Foodie del Mar (Sydney)


What is it? All your favourite sushi pieces on a large platter, often with 30-50 pieces of maki and nigiri.
Where to get it:
Sushi Jones (Sydney), Sushi at Work (Melbourne)


What is it? Smaller morsels of Spanish noms, often including items like prawns, cheese, chorizo and olives.
Where to get it:
LHM Catering (Sydney), Black Truffle Catering (Melbourne)

FAQs for Platters

FAQs about platter catering

How much food do I need when ordering platters?

Wherever possible, our menus will note how many people a platter is best suited for. You can see this noted on the menu item itself, or within an expanded description of an item.

If it's not mentioned, we usually recommend 1.5 sandwiches per person for sandwich and wrap platters. Sushi platters with average-sized pieces would usually have about 10 pieces per person.

For events, or when platters are meant more for grazing than as a meal, it can get a bit tricky. We generally recommend:

  • Less than an hour: 2 items per person
  • One-two hours: 3-4 items per person
  • Two hours or more: 5-6 items per person

Still not sure? Get in touch with our friendly customer care team and tell us the size of the group and what sort of food you'd like and we can help you with portions.

How much does a catering platter cost?

While it really does depend on how many people you need to serve and what type of food you're going to offer,  most platters will be in the $10-$15 per person range.

On the more cost-effective end, you'll find cheese boards, sandwiches and hot finger foods, such as sausage rolls and party pies.

Are special-diet platters available?

They sure are! Vegan and vegetarian platter options are readily available, especially when you're ordering items like sushi, sandwiches, fruits and salads.

If you need items that are gluten or dairy free too, this can easily be arranged either by ordering items that naturally don't contain either (sushi and rice paper rolls are great!) or by giving us a call.

What kind of food platters are there?

You can get just about any food on a platter... well, maybe not soup. But platters are a great way to share a crowd, with either full-size meal options prepared in bulk or with smaller nibbles that will let you try a few different items.

Some of the most popular platters that we sell include:

  • Antipasto platters
  • Breakfast platters
  • Cheese platters
  • Dessert platters
  • Fruit platters
  • Charcuterie/cured meats platters
  • Mezze platters
  • Sandwich platters
  • Seafood platters
  • Sushi platters
  • Tapas platters

How EatFirst makes corporate catering simple

With over two decades in the catering biz, our service is unmatched.

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We are committed to sustainability

Helping you make a better choice on sustainable catering
Recyclable kitchen utensils

Opt for trays, cutlery and napkins that are recyclable, compostable, & sustainable.

Locally sourced ingredients

Local and vetted Australian businesses, providing fresh, high-quality food.

Supplier sustainability ratings

We rate our suppliers on important criteria, and showcase this to you.

Hear from our happy clients

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‘Delicious food & great customer service’

Order In is perfect for keeping our kitchen well-stocked with food & drinks. We love the wide selection of snacks and fresh fruit. Michael from Order-In always goes out of his way to make sure we have what we need, and to recommend new products for our pantry. Highly recommend!

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They have a great selection of suppliers, and their customer service staff is second to none! I have had nothing but great service from them time and time again.

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Order-In is the easiest possible way to access a great variety of caterers around. It makes my job easier and allows me to have some fun choosing on the way. Thank you for all your help and support.

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