From burgers and fries to cafe favourites, custom cocktails and even a mobile pizza oven, these are the newest companies we've partnered with.

We're always on the lookout for new, delicious catering options to bring onto our platform to serve our customers. Each month we forge new partnerships with cafes, restaurants and caterers.

These are some of the newest recruits to our ever-growing marketplace that you can order from today.

Burgers, fries and popcorn chicken from Milky Lane.

Milky Lane

Type of food: Burgers, cocktails, finger foods and desserts

Delivers to:  Parramatta

"Milky Lane combines great burgers, wow-inspiring cocktails and designer desserts with old-school hip hop that makes your team feel alive and ready to dance!"

Their signature Pop-korn chicken and Fried Chicken Wheezy are always a crowd hit along with their burgers which sell over 1000 each day!

Get a taste of their tasty finger foods and burgers for your office today.

See Milky Lane's menu
The owners of Marco Polo in Brisbane.

Marco Polo

Type of food: Fresh sandwiches, sweet treats, bagels and beverages

Delivers to: Metropolitan Brisbane

"Excellent food, drinks and service can create a powerful experience and develop a lasting relationship with customers that become friends"

We have the philosophy that our customers can taste and feel our love of the business. This passion also translates into work being fun – our team culture is positive and upbeat.

Seriously wholesome catering, delivered to you, on time, on budget and with a smile.

See Marco Polo's menu

Various cakes from Miilk Cake Studio

Miilk Cake Studio

Type of food: South East Asian beverages, cakes & pastries.

Delivers to: Metropolitan Melbourne

"Our flavours are inspired by our South East Asian heritage, combined with the influence of classic Melbournian favourites."

Miilk Cake Studio is a family owned business and a place where milk is the centerpiece of all their products in the form of beverages, cakes and pastries.

Get a taste of their South East Asian inspired milky treats for your office today.

See Miilk Cake Studio's menu
The team from Society Catering.

Society Catering

Type of food: Mediterranean cuisine

Delivers to: Metropolitan Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains

"We are a young, passionate family company with heart and spirit, offering A-grade Mediterraneanquality food. Our concept is bringing the restaurant to yours"

Passion is at the heart of the food from Society Catering. With owner Matteo, they have been serving and cooking quality pizzas for private and corporate events, travelling across NSW since 2013.

Bring their freshly-made pizzas to your office doors.

See Society Catering's menu
The Sidekicker team.


Type of service: Hospitality and event staffing hire

Services to: Australia Nationwide

"Sidekicker uses technology to connect over 25,000 carefully pre-screened Sidekicks with over 7000 businesses"

With the flexibility of choice, full transparency over hiring on-demand staff and a 24/7 support team, Sidekicker is the ultimate tool for your staffing needs.

Find your Sidekick today!

Call 1300 851 900
Various sweet slices from Chef Momo's Slices and cakes.

 Chef Momo's Slices and Cakes

Type of food: Cakes, slices and desserts

Delivers to: Metropolitan Melbourne

"Coming from the Melbourne suburb of Malvern, Chef Momo's is a family business inspired by a young pastry chef in the making."

Our Chocolate Fudge Brownies have a cult following and we provide for those who are Gluten Free without any compromise in flavour.

Bring their delicious desserts to your office kitchen.

See Chef Momo's menu
Custom cocktails made by Maison Hospitality.

Maison Hospitality

Type of service: Cocktail, Beer and Wine Packages, Event Staffing Hire

Delivers to: Metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne

"At Maison Hospitality we are a professional and caring team. We create an intimate relationship with our clients as we take the time to get to know them so we can go above and beyond their expectations"

Maison stands for Home in French. When they first started providing waiters and bartenders in 202, it was for private parties all around Sydney at peoples homes. Now, with a strong team of 40, they create special experiences with their tailored service.

Be a guest at your own event by hiring Maison Hospitality.

See Maison Hospitality's menu
A platter of sandwiches made by Crew Catering.

Crew Catering

Type of food: Burgers, cocktails, finger foods and desserts

Delivers to: Metropolitan Brisbane

"Starting as an apprentice on a film shoot in outback Queensland, everyone on-set was called 'crew' hence the name Crew Catering"

No shortcuts. Only the 'good stuff'! We consistently get unsolicited praise from clients for the taste and quality of our food. It's not something we look for but the frequency suggests there is a 'gap' in the market and we're filling it.

Bring their family-style restaurant to your office kitchen.

See Crew Catering's menu

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