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Office birthday catering that really takes the cake

With office birthday catering this good, every month will feel like a celebration!

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Why you should use EatFirst for your birthday catering

Why EatFirst is Australia’s #1 corporate catering platform

Awesome variety

Awesome variety

From fresh Italian to spicy Asian food, we have a catering option for every occasion, taste and budget.

Best local suppliers

Best local suppliers

Access to the highest-quality food from the best cafés, restaurants and caterers in your area.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Ordering catering is a breeze with our easy-to-use online platform that's currently #1 in Australia.

Office birthday celebrations made special

Planning an office birthday? Finding the perfect catering solution has never been easier. Whether it's a special celebration for a single team member or a month-end gathering to honour everyone's birthday, we have a delectable selection of options sure to please all tastes and dietary requirements.

With a network of over 1,000 corporate caterers across Australia, from Brisbane to Perth and every stop in between, you’re guaranteed to find your next favourite caterer. 

We offer a diverse range of cuisines that can accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re planning ahead or need last-minute arrangements, we’re all about providing a convenient and efficient service.

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Office birthday food ideas that delight

Need office birthday food ideas that will wow the crew? From sumptuous cheese boards to party pies that fly off the plate, fresh rice paper rolls and bite-sized quiches, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find platters and grazing tables packed with fresh ingredients to ensure your team is treated to the highest quality, delicious food.

We cater for big corporate events, small office gatherings, and, of course, office birthday celebrations. Whatever the occasion, your office birthday catering is sure to be a hit.

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"EatFirst revolutionised our staff experience. The food is tailored to our preferences, so everyone receives something they enjoy. We love that our orders are packed using eco-friendly materials, which aligns with our commitment to sustainability."
David Klooster
People Capability & Enrichment Manager at NEOS Life
Delicious food and great customer service! The wonderful team makes my life easier by offering a wide range of food & cuisine types, as well as keeping everything running smoothly while we are planning. Thank you Mel, Michael & Leanne!
Brigette Brown
Office Manager at Spotify

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FAQs for Birthday Catering

How do I host a fun office birthday event?

Hosting a fun office event can be as easy as pie with the right planning. Here are some tips to help you get the party started:

  • Know your audience: Understand the interests and preferences of your team. This can guide your choice of activities, food, and music.
  • Theme it up: Pick a fun theme that aligns with your team's interests. It could be as simple as a colour, a movie, or even a decade!
  • Great food: Delicious food and drinks are key. Opt for a menu that caters to various dietary needs to ensure everyone can indulge.
  • Engaging activities: Plan activities that foster interaction and team bonding. This could be a fun game, a team-building exercise, or even a dance-off!
  • Music and decor: Set the mood with some good tunes and decor that match your theme.
  • Relax and enjoy: Once the party is set, relax and enjoy the event with your team. After all, it's about everyone having a great time together.

Can I customize my office birthday catering order?

Absolutely! We aim to cater to every taste bud. If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, get in touch with our team, and we'll help you whip up a menu that's perfect for your celebration.

How much notice do you need for an office birthday catering order?

Our catering partners typically ask for at least 48 hours notice to ensure they can prepare and deliver your order on time. However, if you're in a pinch, we do have some caterers that can accommodate last-minute requests.

Do you provide cakes for special dietary needs?

Yes, we do. We offer a wide range of cake options, including gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, and low-sugar cakes. We suggest checking out Looma’s Cakes in Sydney or Cake and Bake in Brisbane.

Do you cater for large office birthday parties?

Absolutely, no party is too big or too small for us. If you need some help, just let us know the number of attendees, and we'll make sure there's plenty to go around.

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