Variety is the spice of life, and we’ve got some delicious and cheap food ideas for your daily or weekly staff lunch that everyone will love. Enjoy refreshing variety every day or week with corporate catering that won’t break the bank. These yummy and creative lunch catering menu options will ensure no one gets bored. Plus, they're also a great way to show your appreciation for the team and reward staff for their hard work. We hope our tasty and affordable lunch ideas below will inspire you! If in doubt, speak to the catering experts at EatFirst for inspiration or menu recommendations.

Poke Bowls

These delicious bowls not only offer up something healthy, but they come in all shapes, sizes and dietaries! You can opt for vegan tofu options, fresh fish or marinated chicken; alongside an assortment of tasty veggies. Plus, poke bowls are always individually portioned, which is excellent if you are after a more sanitary option.

Noodle boxes

Australians consume about 18 million kilos of noodles a year! That’s about 1kg per person. With its tantalising aromas, vibrant colours, textures and fresh flavours, a plate of stir-fried noodles with your choice of protein and veggies is so simple, yet so satisfying. They're a great lunch box catering option and a great way to allow employees to eat on the go.

Burritos and nachos

Speaking of Mexican fiesta, how about burritos or nachos for your next working lunch? They’re easy to eat and taste amazing. Pulled pork, chicken, chorizo, mushrooms for the vegetarians, or fish, there are a huge range of delicious fillings to suit any taste. Try them today for your next office catering. Check outMad Mex in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

affordable staff lunch ideas - Mexican catering from Mad Mex

Photo credit: Mad Mex


Everyone loves pizza. From the classic ham and pineapple to something different like Moroccan lamb with Spanish onions, baby spinach and mint yoghurt, you can’t go wrong with a slice or two of pizza.  Check out our website and view our delicious pizza catering in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane options.


Comforting, flaky, creamy and packed with protein, did you know that quiche originated in Germany in the medieval kingdom of Lothringen? You can get really creative with quiche like broccoli and stilton or goat’s cheese and watercress, but the most common variety is the Quiche Lorraine, which was named after the Lorraine region of France. The classic recipe uses eggs, cream and bacon – no cheese. A classic for any corporate lunch catering menu


Perfect for winter, try hearty hot lunch catering like pasta and lasagne that will have you drooling. Pasta is an easy crowd pleaser that will warm your heart and tummy. There are heaps of yummy pasta options for vegans and meat lovers so everyone gets fed.

Italian catering - spaghetti


The burger is one of the most beloved, comforting foods in existence. Here are some fun facts about burgers that will blow your mind.

  • Hamburgers originated in Hamburg, Germany, but eating a burger on a bun is an American tradition
  • The world’s most expensive burger costs $5,000! It’s made from Wagyu beef, foie gras and black truffles
  • 289 million hamburgers were eaten by Australians in 2011
  • Approximately 60% of all sandwiches sold worldwide are hamburgers
  • Americans eat 3 hamburgers a week, which equates to about 50 billion burgers a year
  • If the 50 billion burgers eaten per year by Americans were arranged in a line, it would circle Earth 32 times or more!
  • In 2012, the largest hamburger created weighed 913.54 kg


Here's another lunch idea no one will say no to! Turn a boring team lunch into a fun and creative ‘make it yourself’ taco meal with Mexican catering. Tacos are so versatile and you can make it your own with a variety of fillings, including beef, chicken, fish, beans, cheese, lettuce, salsa, guacamole and more with DIY taco bars. We have an extensive catering menu that allows you to be as creative or boring as you like!

tacos are perfect for staff lunches

Platters and grazing stations

Gourmet food platters are a popular choice and offer a variety of meats, chicken and salads to please a crowd. Whether it’s a roast chicken platter, sushi platter, cold meats platter with a wide selection of deli meats, cheese and chutneys, cheese and fruit, Italian antipasto, healthy salad platters, gourmet sandwiches, Spanish tapas or Mediterranean, they’re fuss-free and cater for every taste and special diet. We have a huge range of catering platters your staff will love.

Banh mi and rice paper rolls

If you’re looking for a fresh, healthy lunch option, try Vietnamese catering like the banh mi or rice paper rolls. Stuffed with delicious meat, crunchy vegetables, coriander, mayo and pate, banh mis are upgraded sandwiches that will hit the spot. Or if you’re looking for something light, you can’t go past the Vietnamese rice paper roll, filled with crunchy, fresh vegetables, herbs, vermicelli noodles with your choice of protein. Try healthy Vietnamese from some of our Asian catering suppliers like Roll'd, Bun Me.

Fun fact: did you know that banh mi means bread, or Vietnamese sandwich?

Vietnamese catering from Banoi - affordable staff lunch ideas

Photo credit: Banoi


Buffet catering is perfect for feeding a crowd. Offering a variety of cuisines, hot food, cold cuts, roasts, casseroles, chicken, pasta, salads, vegetables and desserts, buffets can cater to every taste and special dietary requirement and allow staff to go back for seconds…or thirds.

Kathi rolls

Kathi rolls originated from Kolkata, India and are a common street food. They originally consisted of skewer-roasted kebabs wrapped in a paratha bread (Indian flatbread) and layered with eggs and chutney.


Love your sandwich? No problem! We still offer a delicious gourmet range of sandwich catering options that everyone will love. From the classic fillings, like leg ham, turkey or chicken to the gourmet, including roast lamb, smoked salmon, brisket or pulled pork, our corporate caterers will impress with their tempting sandwich catering range.

sandwich catering still a classic lunch catering option

Order staff lunches today with EatFirst

We make ordering office catering easy with our curated staff lunch catering menus that your staff will love. Offering delicious variety, your staff will never get bored with our creative lunch catering options.

From Asian catering to Mexican, sushi and more, visit our website to start ordering corporate catering in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra or call us on 1300 851 900 to speak to one of our customer service ninjas for inspirational lunch ideas, menu recommendations or a free quote, or simply to learn more about our catering services.


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