Olympic team event catering

We all know, there are two things in the world that unite people: food and sports! Every four years, we see how sporting events such as the Olympics 2024 create a global celebration of unity. As the world comes together to cheer on their favorite athletes, why not bring that same energy and excitement into your office? And what is missing, next to the game, is the delicious and fun food and catering that can boost team spirit, foster teamwork, and create unforgettable memories in your workplace. But where to start?

Food & Catering Options

Food is the heartbeat of any celebration, and an Olympic-themed office party is no exception! It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together, fuel the fun, and create a festive atmosphere.

Looking for some inspiration? How about starting the day with Olympic-themed muffins and donuts? Imagine biting into a donut decorated with the Olympic rings or enjoying macarons shaped like medals. For a touch of local pride, serve up some Australian-themed treats.

You can also get creative with sports-themed food. Think sandwiches shaped like soccer balls, cupcakes that look like tennis courts, or even a fruit platter arranged in the form of an Olympic torch. Incorporating healthy snacks like fruit skewers and veggie trays can keep the energy high and promote wellness among your employees.

Or, take your taste buds on a global tour with dishes inspired by the home countries of various athletes. Serve sushi from Japan, tacos from Mexico, pasta from Italy, and falafel from the Middle East.

With these fun and delicious ideas, your Olympic office party is sure to be a gold-medal event!

Tennis macarons for olympics 24

Olympic Private Fun Bets

Add a little extra excitement with some friendly office betting pools! Make predictions on medal counts, event winners, or even the craziest moments from the opening ceremony. Keep it light-hearted with fun prizes like a catered lunch for the winning department. It’s all about adding a little extra spice to your celebration.

Own Games

Why just watch when you can play? Host your very own office Olympics with games that everyone can join in on. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

Trivia Quizzes: Test your team’s knowledge with trivia on Olympic history, sports, or fun facts about different countries.

Team Challenges: Encourage departments to compete in creative challenges like building the tallest tower from office supplies or designing the coolest Olympic-themed poster. These team building activities can boost camaraderie and bring out the competitive spirit in a fun way.

Bingo: Spice up your office celebration with a game of Olympic Bingo! Whether it's spotting a specific country's flag during an event or mimicking a winning athlete's victory pose, this game will keep everyone engaged and entertained. Who will be the first to shout "Bingo!" and claim the prize?

By adding these fun elements to your Olympic office event, you’ll create a memorable experience that brings your team closer together. Let the games begin!

At EatFirst, we’re all about making your office events unforgettable. From themed catering options to hassle-free delivery, we’ve got everything you need to create a winning celebration. Let us handle the food so you can focus on the fun. Ready to plan your Olympic office party? Get in touch with us today!

Get Started on Your Fun Office Olympics party with EatFirst!

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