If you're choosing to celebrate Australia Day, these are some of the must-have food items this January.

Australia Day is a touchy subject for many and we respect everyone's decision regarding whether or not to celebrate the day personally and in the office.

But if you're in the definitely celebrating camp, we are able to help you make the day a little bit more delicious with Australia Day catering that's full of the classic foods we've all come to know and love.

It's also a great day to support some truly Aussie businesses, including those that are Indigenous-owned or make an effort to use local ingredients.


We're all about finger food here in Australia, and there's plenty of fabulous catering options that can make this Australia Day a memorable one.

Throw some shrimps on the barbie (or onto a platter)

How the "shrimp on the barbie" expression came to be is way beyond us, but this much we know: Aussies love a good BBQ lunch.

Throughout the summer months, prawns are a staple, but to get truly ‘strayan, you'll need to combine the bite-size morsels with some of Australia's other famous seafoods including mussels and calamari. Try the simple classic of barbecued king prawns livened with a simple squeeze of lemon or a retro prawn cocktail in a martini glass.

Where to order it: The Blonde Butler in Sydney

A metal bucket of prawns with lemon and dill.

Meat pies

If you haven't done the juggling act of the meat pie, you can't seriously call yourself Australian.

For the uninitiated, that means biting just the right amount of hot meat and crispy pastry smothered in tomato sauce.

Choose to get full-size pies for a meal, or opt for the oh-so-adorable mini beef pies, affectionately known as "the party pie", that are just the right size for a morning or afternoon tea.

Where to order it: IQ Catering in Melbourne Vanilla Blue Catering in Sydney.

Platters of single-size meat pies.

Sausage rolls

Are you even allowed to serve a meat pie without a sausage roll alongside it?

No one can resist the temptation to bite into these deliciously fluffy pastry treats. They're great as a snack, a light lunch or as a midnight snack after a few beers.

Like pies, they're perfect as bite-sized finger food or as whole meals, they are great for parties with so many different fillings now available. Vegetarian and vegan options often include ingredients like spinach, feta (or a plant-based cheese) and pumpkin.

Where to order them: My Alter Ego in Brisbane, Foodie del Mar in Sydney.

Bite-size sausage rolls.


It's a delicious crowd pleaser and always feels like an extra-special treat.

So go on, fire up the barbie and cook up some lamb chops, skewers or sausages.

Tip: Grill to create tender meat with a flavourful crust, sprinkle on some herbs such as rosemary, thyme to really level up your lamb dish.

If not confident in your own Australia Day recipes, try one of the best lamb options available through one of our caterers that are known for roasts or Greek food, or opt for some Middle Eastern lamb dishes like koftas.

Where to order them: Agraba Lebanese in Melbourne.

Plate with lamb chops.

Sausage sizzles

This one's nostalgia on bread! From sports days as a kid or shopping at Bunnings on a weekend, there is never a wrong time for a sausage sizzle.

Get some chopped onion on the grill, butter up some fresh bread rolls and don't forget to supply plenty of tomato or BBQ sauce.

Perfect sides to pair with your links include chips, potato salad and mash are available through our partners and office pantry service, too.

Where to order it: Hut Dog Catering in Sydney.

Sausages on a grill.


ANZAC biscuits

What's not love rolled oats, sugar, syrup and butter?

While the exact origin of the recipe might be vague, the Aussies have adopted these sweet biscuits as their own and the emotion behind it hasn't diminished over the years. Dunk them in your tea to warm and soften them up!

Where to order it: Wilton's Cookies in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

ANZAC biscuits on parchment paper.


Perfectly light and just the right amount of sweet, lamingtons continue to satisfy our sweet chocolate and coconut cravings.

Enjoy these little cakes with a cuppa for morning tea, afternoon tea, dessert, or just because… treat yourself! The perfect accompaniment to your hopefully sunny weather big day.

Plate of bite-sized lamingtons and a cup of tea.


We're not here to argue about the origins of the pavlova, but we do stand behind the fact it's a stable in Australian cuisine. We also believe that no one quite does a pavlova like the Aussies.

Crunchy, sticky meringue base, loaded with fresh summer fruit like strawberries, passionfruit and kiwi that's then drizzled with cream.

You know what? Just give us the whole thing and a spoon.

Where to order it: Cakes2U in Sydney

Pavlova with strawberries and cherries on top.

Fairy bread

White bread, hundreds and thousands, butter, what's not to love?

Every Aussie gathering should have a plate of fairy bread on the table. It probably should be law at this point.

Last but not least... Tim Tams

With 45 million packets of these delicious biscuits eaten in Australia each year, we must love them or something.

Whether you prefer them at room temperature, or in the freezer, the traditional variety or ones stuffed with salted caramel, there's a Tim Tam our there for you.

Where to order them: EatFirst's office pantry

Butterscotch TimTams
Source: Arnott's

Our guide to the ultimate Australia Day BBQ

Check out our infographic on how to be the best barbecue king or queen around. Impress everyone at your next corporate barbecue!

Want Australia Day catering for your office?

Whether you're after a simple platter of pies and sausage rolls, a corporate BBQ or a unique bush tucker range from Kallico Catering, we have a great range of some of the best corporate catering menus in SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaideCanberra and Perth to help you celebrate Australia Day in style.

So if you're planning to host an Australia Day party at your office in this January, you can create create the perfect menu with a few clicks of a button or a few minutes on the phone with our customer care team and account managers.

If you'd rather get things started on your own, have a look at what's available on Australia Day in your city by searching below.

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