We hope you're thirsty! This month serves up 12 drink-based events.

4 May: National Orange Juice Day

Just like you'd start the day with breakfast, start this month's food events with a breakfast drink! Just about everyone's favourite morning juice, orange juice is a staple with any breakfast offering. So if you're giving your team breakfast in the office, today of all days, make sure there's orange juice available! (Shameless plug: you can order some from our pantry service here!)

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5 May: Cinco de Mayo

What's better than tacos on a Tuesday? A fiesta on a Friday! And this year, Cinco de Mayo falls on one, so it's the perfect excuse to mix up your usual Friday-night office drinks and turn it into a Mexican-themed party.

Mix up some margaritas, chill some Coronas, set up a DIY taco station, have some chips and guac set up all around the room and you have got yourself a par-tay.

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5 May: National Hoagie Day

Sometimes called a hoagie, sometimes called a sub, these long sandwiches are a classic.

And is it just us, or can we smell that subway bread from here?

Luckily, we've got a few locations in Melbourne and Brisbane that will cater them straight to your office

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6 May: Beer Pong Day

We know it's a Saturday, but that's just a day after most offices host their Friday-night drinks, so why not kick things off a little bit early?

Add a little friendly competition to this week's after-work drinks with the perfect team-building game that is 100% workplace approved.

(Shh. Don't tell anyone, but HR did not sign-off this post!)

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6 May: National Beverage Day

Another one you may want to celebrate a day early, National Beverage Day is the perfect excuse to have a little bit of fun with this week's work drinks.

Don't just stick to the usual basic wines and beers, bring in some fun-flavoured ciders and seltzers, invite everyone to bring in their favourite drinks from whatever corner of the world they're from, or consider shaking up some cocktails. Or, go all out and hire a team like the crew at Maison Hospitality (in Sydney or Melbourne) to create a beverage that's crafted just for you!

We did this a few months ago and we absolutely loved it! Check out the delicious EatFirst cocktail they whipped up for us.

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6 May: National Homebrew Day

Perfectly paired with Beer Pong Day and National Beverage Day, if cocktails aren't your thing, there are plenty of other options!

Creating home brew is getting easier and much more accessible, with many bottle shops and even department stores selling the kits. Encourage your team to bring in their brews or consider buying one for the office!

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6 May: International No Diet Day

As if we needed an excuse for a cheat day. Chow down on nibbles and treats to go along with all the drinks today is all about. Cheese, chocolate, chips (hot or crisps!), pizza or burgers, we won't judge! In fact... We're here to encourage it! Stock up on treats from our office pantry marketplace or browse through hundreds of caterers across Australia to see what your cheat day treats for your team will be.

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7 May: National Lemonade Day

A nice, refreshing break from all the booze. Or just mix it in with some spirits. We're not here to judge!

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7 May: National Cosmopolitan Day

Or, if you're not yet ready for a break, here's the perfect excuse to sip on yet another cocktail.

Not quite sure what goes into a cosmopolitan? Neither were we before writing this! A pumped up vodka-cranberry, it's a combination of vodka, Cointreau or triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice.

Give Absolut's top-rated recipe a go.

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7 May: National Roast Leg of Lamb Day

This year, National Road Leg of Lamb day falls on a Sunday and that means there's no better excuse for a hearty Sunday Roast! Find a pub near you, grab a cosy booth and dig into a tender piece of lamb that's paired with potatoes and roast veggies that are absolutely smothered in gravy.

Excuse us while our mouths are watering!

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9 May: National Moscato Day

Nine days into the month and we're already onto our fifth drink-related day! We weren't expecting this from May, but, hey, as the weather cools down, we guess it's one way to stay warm. Or, you can be sensible and choose your battles. We'll leave that decision up to you.

But if you're one for a sweet drink, here's one for you. Sweeter than a Prosecco and lower in alcohol content than most wines, a glass of Moscato may just be the perfect treat on a Tuesday.

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10 May: National Shrimp Day

Erm, don't you mean prawns? We kid! It's a day invented in America, but we'll happily eat these sweet little seafood bites here in Australia today too. Whether eating them by the bucket or mixed into a delicious Italian pasta or Thai noodle dish, there's no wrong way to eat them!

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11 May: National Eat What You Want Day

As if already having International No Diet Day this month wasn't enough, here's another excuse to treat yourself and your co-workers to a team lunch of pizza, burgers or Mexican. Or all three if you're feeling hungry!

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13 May: World Cocktail Day

Well, we're certainly not going thirsty this month!

Shake, blend or stir up some of your favourites today and encourage all your work friends to do the same! It may be another Saturday, but finish of the week with some Friday after-work drinks featuring everyone's favourite cocktails. (And don't forget to stock up on supplies from our marketplace!)

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13 May: National Apple Pie Day

Now, us Aussies LOVE a meat pie. But there's just something so comforting about a warm slice of apple pie. And we're not talking about the ones from Macca's!

If you're in Sydney, Cakes2U serves up large apple pies big enough to serve 20 people. If you're in Brisbane, and also can't eat gluten, you're in luck! Goody Box serves up individually sized apple pies that are completely gluten free!

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13 May: International Hummus Day

We may be bias, but we think hummas is one of the best dips around. It's healthy, it's vegan, it's gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free! It pairs oh-so-well with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines... or just about anything, really!

Some of our favourite restaurants that dish up food that pairs perfectly with hummus include:

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14 May: Mother's Day

We know it's not an official food holiday, but it's a lovely excuse to treat all the hard-working mums at your workplace to a well-deserved morning tea or lunch.

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15 May: National Chocolate Chip Day

Cookies, cakes, muffins, and, well, anything is made better with the addition of chocolate chips. So use today as an excuse to treat yourself to something chocolately.

Need some inspiration?

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16 May: National Mimosa Day

The perfect breakfast cocktail, because sometimes, you do need one!

It's also a fun way to kick off a celebration! Whether it's a casual conference or a fun day at the office, consider starting things off with this low-alcohol but high-taste drinks.

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16 May: National Barbecue Day

By mid-May, lunchtime temperatures right across Australia are just about perfect on a sunny day. Not too hot, but not too cool and absolutely ideal for, you guessed it, a BBQ! Take the whole work team to a local park or out onto the office balcony or patio if you're lucky enough to have one and host a corporate BBQ.

Don't feel like cooking over your lunch break? We get it! Caterers like Sydney's One Pot Catering and Darwin Catering Company will cook up a fresh BBQ feast for you and deliver it to your office while it's still hot.

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17 May: World Baking Day

There's just something about a freshly baked good, whether it's a load of bread, a pastry or a batch of muffins. And if you need an excuse to bake something (or just to buy something baked) consider treating yourself or your entire team at the office to a morning or afternoon tea that's packed with all your bakery favourites.

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17 May: National Walnut Day

You know what we love about walnuts? They go great in salads and desserts. It's all about moderation, so today, we have both!

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19 May: National Pizza Party Day

We love that there's not one, but two days dedicated to pizza. If you missed the one back in February, then here's the one for you. (But also, if you're anything like us, there's very little chance you haven't had a pizza since then!)

Order enough pizzas for the whole office and you should have a nice variety of pies to pick from!

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20 May: World Whisky Day

Yet another day this month dedicated to a drink. What happened in May to cause this? But we're sure whisky aficionados aren't complaining today! From Scotland to Japan to right her in Tasmania, there's plenty of award-winning whiskies to try.

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20 May: National Quiche Lorraine Day

Mini quiches are one of our most popular morning and afternoon tea items and the Quiche Lorraine is certainly the quiche of all quiches. Bacon and eggs in a tart is essentially what it is, and it's essentially delicious!

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21 May: International Tea Day

Step aside, coffee-lovers! Today is all about the other hot, caffeinated beverage. There's literally thousands of varieties of tea to try, so why not have a little fun today and organise a tea tasting for your office! Order in a few lesser-known varieties and you may just find yourself a new favourite.

Or, just use this day as a chance to spend a few minutes socialising with a teammate. Brew a warm cuppa together, grab a bickie from the office pantry and have a chat.

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21 May: National Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day

It's been a pretty indulgent month, so why not make today of all days a healthy one?

We've got plenty of platters on offer that are packed with fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables that make the perfect afternoon snack. So today, instead of reaching for a biscuit or chocolate, grab an apple, a handful of grapes or a carrot stick or two! (And we certainly wouldn't say no to dipping those veggies in a pit pot of hummus.)

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24 May: National Wine Day

The final drink-focused day of the month is here, and it's a fabulous one! We've got a few wine lovers on staff here at EatFirst who just love sharing tips on how to pair wines with food, or just let you know what their favourite drops are to enjoy on a casual Wednesday evening.

If you're looking for any advice, red or white, sparking or still, feel free to reach out!

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24 May: National Escargot Day

Now, snails certainly aren't for everyone, but they are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world! Plus, they're cooked with so much butter and garlic you'd hardly even realise what it is you're eating - in a very good way!

Are you brave enough to give some escargot a try today?

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29 May: National Biscuit Day

If you're anything like us, It's been more than a month since ANZAC Day and we're craving the biscuits all over again! Well, here's the chance to have them. Along with chocolate chip, white chocolate and macadamia, oat and raisin... Ok, fine, we just want all the biscuits!

Want to make it even more special though than just getting standard (but still 100% delicious!) biscuits? Opt for branded ones. Choose to either put a message of your choice, your brand's logo or just the name of your company. Get them at Wilton's Cookies, Cookies and Treats AU or Little Birdy & Co.

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25 May: National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

There's just something bout the creamy, sweetness of a cheesecake and the tart, freshness of a blueberry that pairs oh-so-perfectly together. And if you're looking for a way to shake up the usual end-of-month birthday celebration, why not go for a blueberry cheesecake this month?

If you're in Sydney, Cakes2U even offers TWO DIFFERENT VARIETIES of blueberry cheesecake! Those in Brisbane can indulge in a New York-style blueberry cheesecake from Temptations Cakes while Victorians in Melbourne can go for a wild berry variety from Dolce Vida Premium Cakes.

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28 May: National Hamburger Day

We know what we're having for lunch today! (Maybe dinner too?) Once we've decided what we're having, now comes the hard part. Where should we order them from?

Here's a few of our favourite burger spots around Australia:

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28 May: National Brisket Day

Was it just us, or when we were kids was brisket just a boring roast dinner? But now, with the number of Southern-USA-style BBQ restaurants popping up all over the place, and everyone's love of slow-cooked, pulled meats, we're getting some incredible brisket options. Check out places like Stacked, The Flying Fig Deli or Schmucks Bagels.

And don't worry vegans, you don't have to miss out! Restaurants like Soul Burger make a plant-based brisket buger so you can enjoy all the taste without the guilt!

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31 May: National Macaroon Day

Not to be confused with the French macaron, these coconut cookies are popular in the US and Scotland, where they cover them in chocolate.

... one ticket to Scotland please!

(P.S. If you can't afford the ticket right now, that's okay! You can also get them from Wilton's Cookies. They're gluten-free too!)

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