Food, drink, savoury or sweet? It may be the shortest month of the year, but February's for a food event for everyone.

1 February: National Dark Chocolate Day

Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, gelato, cakes, decadent hot cocoa... there's plenty of sweet ways to celebrate National Dark Chocolate Day.

While it's certainly a treat, dark chocolate can actually have health benefits. According to Harvard University, it's rich in flavanols, a chemical that can protect the heart. Dark chocolate may also improve blood flow, which lowers blood pressure.

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2 February: National Crepe Day

Bastille Day may still be months away, but add a little je ne sais quoi to your day with some fresh crepes for breakfast or lunch.

If you're looking for something a bit more substantial than just crepes, consider making it a whole French affair with croissants, sandwiches on baguettes and grazing platters with French cheeses and cured meats.

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2 February: National Tater Tot Day

So much better than hot chips, tater tots (or potato gems, as us Aussies have come to know them as) are moreish morsels that perfectly accompany burgers, sandwiches, or just about any meal.

Give 'em a go! You may just find your team's new favourite side dish.

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3 February: National Carrot Cake Day

Whether you're due for the company's monthly birthday cake or just want to treat your team to a little something sweet, today's the perfect excuse to cut into a carrot cake slathered in sweet, cream cheese icing. (Or a dairy-free alternative for those with dietary requirements!)

It may not be the usual choice for a cake, but it's even made's top five!

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4 February: National Homemade Soup Day

If your office is anything like ours, you love a potluck.

And what better excuse than on a homemade food day! Encourage everyone to make their favourite soup for a comforting lunch that everyone can slurp up.

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4 February: National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Okay, this one is rather specific, but it's also rather delicious! Why not throw some stuffed mushrooms into today's lunch?

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5 February: Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Wait, this isn’t supposed to be had on the other 364 days of the year?

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5 February: International Pisco Sour Day

This sweet-and-sour Peruvian cocktail is made with the country's national spirit, simple syrup, lime juice and bitters and is all kinds of delicious.

We've started a trend here at EatFirst where we host "thirsty Thursdays"; a day for each of us to take turns making a weekly cocktail. And the first week of February, you can bet pisco sours will be featured!

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5 February: World Nutella Day

From breakfast to dessert, this much-loved spread is so popular its production actually uses up 25% of the world's supply of hazelnuts!

So stock up your office pantry with this sweet treat as an alternative to butter, jam and peanut butter.

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6 February: National Chopsticks Day

Ok, we know chopsticks aren’t actually a food, but it’s the perfect excuse to dig into a cuisine that’s traditionally eaten with chopsticks!

Some of our personal favourites include Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean.

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6 February: National Frozen Yogurt Day

It's the middle of summer here in Australia and what's more refreshing than a smooth, ice-cold frozen yogurt?

Take a walk to your closest shop for an afternoon break or bring in some of the most popular fruity flavours (as well as the classics, like chocolate and vanilla of course!).

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7 February: National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

We don't need an excuse to eat a piping hot bowl of pasta, but if you do, this is it. Order in some fresh noodles from your favourite Italian restaurant, pair it with toasty garlic bread or salads for a delicious meal.

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9 February: Chocolate Day

If earlier this month's National Dark Chocolate Day wasn't your thing, then mark today on your calendar's. 9 February is the day to celebrate all things chocolate — dark, milk while and even ruby, which is a naturally pink form of chocolate!

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9 February: National Pizza Day

Surely we don't need any excuse to order pizza, but if we did, this is it. Pair this with Chocolate Day by having a Nutella pizza for dessert and you're really making the most of today's events.

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11 February: National Latte Day

The perfect excuse to treat yourself, your co-workers or your entire team to a latte (or coffee of their choice). Support your local coffee shop or brew some fresh coffees right in your office.

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13 February: National Cheddar Day

Macaroni and cheese, oozy toasties and cheese boards... the ways to get your fill on National Cheddar Day are just about endless.

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13 February: National Tortellini Day

Didn't get your pasta fill on fettuccine alfredo day earlier this month? Today's National Tortellini Day; your excuse to eat pasta stuffed with meat, veggies or cheese with your favourite sauces.

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14 February: Valentine’s Day

Alright, we'll admit, Valentine's Day itself isn't necessarily about food, but it often goes hand-in-hand with chocolate, candy and cakes.

Spoil your workmates with your favourite treats and show your team you care with a sweet or two left on their desk in the morning.

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16 February: National Almond Day

Almonds for breakfast, lunch or snacks? Served with mixed nuts, covered in chocolate, blended into almond butter or mixed into yogurt with granola are just a few ways to enjoy almonds today.

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16 February: National Tim Tam Day

Here's one that every Aussie should mark on their calendar: National Tim Tam Day on 16 February. More than a dozen flavours are currently available, so buy a few packets and brew up some tea and coffees for the perfect morning or afternoon tea.

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18 February: National Drink Wine Day

Host a wine tasting, or just a social drinks hour after work with your favourite drop today.

Not sure how to match wine to food? No worries! We can help.

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18 February: National No one Eats Alone Day

Today may not be connected to a specific food, but we love the concept. No one should have to eat alone (unless they want to, and that's okay!). Use today as an excuse to ask a shy co-worker if they'd like company, or to organise a team lunch by ordering in something delicious.

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19 February: National Chocolate Mint Day

Has there been a food so divisive since coriander? If you're not in the it-tastes-like-toothpaste-covered-chocolate camp, use today to chow down on those delicious mint Tim Tams or slurp down some mint chocolate ice cream.

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20 February: National Muffin Day

Perfectly matched with a cup of coffee or tea, muffins make a great mid-morning snack or afternoon tea item.

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21 February: Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

The traditional feast before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, Shrove Tuesday (often referred to as Pancake Day) actually dates back hundreds of years. To use up eggs, milk and butter before Lent begins, Christians often made pancakes or other baked goods.

In some parts of the world, it's referred to as Mardi Gras - including France and parts of the United States.(It's very different to what most Aussies know Mardi Gras to be, but celebrated at the same time of year).

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22 February: National Margarita Day

Margs are one of our office's favourite cocktails (our catering operations lead makes a mean one!). We don't need a reason to make them, but if you do, here it is! Blended or on ice, they're perfectly sweet, sour and packed with tequila.

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23 February: National Banana Bread Day

If you're not a muffin fan, here's the next best baked breakfast item for you. Nothing beats a warm, toasted piece of banana bread slathered in butter. Except for two of them.

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23 February: National Chili Day

It may be summer, but a warm bowl of chili is always a win. Eat it as a main, or as a dip with tortilla chips alongside some of your Mexican favourites.

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24 February: International I Hate Coriander Day

The opposite of most food days on here, today isn't at all about appreciation. It's all about detestation.

Hating coriander is actually a genetic thing, but plenty of coriander-laden foods are just as delicious without the soapy herb. So chow down on coriander-free Vietnamese, Thai or Mexican today in protest.

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24 February: National Toast Day

It may be one of the simplest foods, but it's an absolute classic. Stock up the pantry some quality breads and spreads for breakfast.

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24 February: National Tortilla Chip Day

Could any days be so perfectly planned together? (Well, sure, if they were on the same day they could!)

There’s no better way to scoop up some piping hot chili than with a crunchy tortilla chip.

Top tip: Chili is often better the second day, so here's to having loads of leftovers!

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26 February: National Pistachio Day

Tasty as snacks on their own or perfect in pastries like baklava, pistachios offer heaps of health benefits. They're rich in anti-oxidants, support cardiovascular health and may manage blood sugar levels. (Just watch out how you're eating them if you're hoping for some benefits!)

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27 February: National Kahlua Day

With pisco sour and margarita days behind us, we were starting to get thirsty. So we looked things up. Today, gather with your friends or co-workers for a few kahlua-infused cocktails, including white russians and espresso martinis.

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27 February: National Strawberry Day

Whether they're served on fruit or cheese platters or they're baked into desserts or pastries, strawberries are always a treat - and a healthy one!

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