The 17th of March is a Friday this year, and perfect for a themed lunch or after-work drinks.

Australia has the highest percentage of Irish people in its population out of any country, other than Ireland of course.

And with such a big group from the Emerald Isle, it's no surprise that we've come to love and embrace celebrating St Patrick's Day here in Australia.

Whether you're planning on downing a Guinness or two at your local Irish pub at the end of the day or will be dressed in green head to toe, we've got a few ways to bring not just the luck, but the taste of the Irish to your office on 17 March.

What catering to order for St Patrick's Day

There aren't any traditional foods specifically for St Patrick's Day, but there is a colour: green! So we'd be chowing down on just about any green food and drink we can get our hands on today.

Customised baked goods

Icing comes in just about any colour you can imagine, making customising sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes and cakes simple.

A few places you can order these online include:

  • Wilton's Cookies: Order customisable cookies with a brand logo (or four-leaf clover!) to offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane
  • Sweet On Cupcakes: Get adorable St. Patrick's Day themed cupcakes delivered in Perth, or opt for embossed cookies with your choice of colour and messaging.
  • Flavours Catering: Cute mini cupcakes with plenty of green icing and St Patrick's Day decorations
Cupcakes with green icing and St Patrick's Day decorations from Flavours Catering.

Fruit baskets

Sure, fruit is usually colourful but for the occasion, pack this week's fruit box full of green apples, kiwi fruit, green grapes, starfruit and honeydew.

Various green fruits, including kiwi fruit, grapes, starfruit and green apples.

Irish favourites

With 30% of the population being of Irish decent, there's a good chance someone in your office is from Ireland, or has family that is. Ask them what some of their favourite foods are, whether they're snacks that may be available in the international aisle of the supermarket or ones that you can order in.

For some inspiration, here's a few things that may taste like home to your Irish colleagues:

  • Tayto crisps
  • Freshly baked soda bread
  • Hearty stews
  • And, of course, potatoes!

Flavours Catering is also cooking up some classic Irish pub foods, including Irish pasties, mini pies with mushy peas and corned beef mini sliders (complete with Guinness-infused mustard!).

Mini pies with mushy peas.

Guinness, whiskey and Irish coffee

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday this year and that alone is an excuse for some after work drinks. So why not add a fun theme this time?

Vintage Cellars can deliver Guinness while RedBottle can have bottles of Jameson dropped off with just a couple days' notice.

Ask everyone to wear their finest greens and you've got yourself a party!

Pint of Guinness on a bar.


We're going a bit left field with this one, but hear us out!

Move over coffee, today is all about green and to us that means matcha! Drink it as a latte, brew it on its own or have it baked into pastries for morning tea, it may not be even remotely Irish, but the colours sure align and it's darn tasty too!

A white table with a glass with matcha and a matcha-flavoured cake.

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