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Seasonal fruit, delivered fresh

Get your fresh apple a day with our boxes of local fruit and fresh produce. Our cost-effective fresh fruit solution for workplaces, offers your staff a healthy snack alternative to the more indulgent treats you may have on hand.

We work with local suppliers right across Australia to bring you the freshest fruit that doesn't need to travel too far during delivery. Not only does it support local producers, it also means you'll get some of the tastiest fruit.

Our produce boxes are also available with fresh veggies and you can get them delivered to your office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more cities across the country.

A fuss-free office fruit delivery solution

We make it super easy to get your fresh produce delivery. Everything can be ordered online on our website, or if you prefer to do it over the phone that's okay too! There's low minimum order requirements and no delivery frees on most products, so you only need to pay for the fruits you need and nothing more.

To take things on step further, we even offer the option for set-and-forget repeat orders. Simply set up your corporate fruit box order to repeat every week and we'll have it delivered straight to your office kitchen without you needing to physically place an order. Plus, pauses during holidays, cancellations and or changes and your company grows can all be completed online.

What can you get with EatFirst?

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Your office fruit box deliveries sorted

🚛 Low food miles

We love supporting our Australian fruit growers. We can supply high-quality, farm fresh and locally grown Australian fruit. Depending on where in the country you're located, we'll work with different local suppliers for your fruit delivery.

💰 Affordable fruit solutions

Our fruit boxes start around $45 and are suitable for up to 10 people. If you're ordering one per week, that's less than $5 per person that you're spending on fruit! You can get as few or as many as you need too, so it's great for both a small office or large business.

🍌 Great quality fruit that's in season

Of course apples and bananas are always a staple, but there's just something about a perfectly ripe mango or juicy peach when they're at their seasonal peak. Not only does fruit that's in season taste so much better, it's also more affordable and generally better for the environment as it's able to be grown locally rather than transported from afar.

Slices of watermelon.

🥝 Great variety of fruit

Not everyone has the same tastes, and that's why fruit boxes are great! We offer a wide variety of fruits in each delivery and make sure to include much-loved options to make sure the whole team is kept happy. One of our suppliers puts as many as 12 different fruit varieties in one box!

🏢 National delivery to your office

We offer corporate fruit box delivery in just about every Australian city including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.  

🔂 Simple set up

Set up your corporate fruit box order to repeat every week and we'll have it delivered straight to your office kitchen. Plus, pauses, cancellations and changes can all be completed online.

We can help with a fresh milk delivery too!

Fruit and milk seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to corporate food orders, and we can help get your office milk delivered too. both!

We also partner with local suppliers deliver milk, whether dairy, oat, almond or soy milk, to your office so you can just milk delivered in conjunction with your fruit, veg and other pantry items.

👉 Read more about our milk delivery options

Sort your office kitchen and pantry without fuss

Find out what your budget gets you with a tailored quote

If you have any questions or need further assistance, just give our experts a call on 1300 851 900 or complete our quote form and we'll be in touch.

What are my EatFirst Benefits?

With EatFirst, it has never been easier to organise your snack needs.

Easy to use

Ordering catering is a breeze with our easy-to-use online platform that's currently #1 in Australia.

Consolidated billing

Your accounts department will love you. Get a single invoice for all your catering services, kitchen supplies and event catering.

National delivery

We can cater most Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and more.

Expert advice

Our catering experts work with you to meet your exact catering needs. Our job is to make you look great (and we're great at it!)

Hear From our Happy Clients

We happily support offices all across Australia

Genuine service & easy ordering!

Spotify uses EatFirst for our staff lunches and pantry. The wonderful team at EatFirst makes my life easier by offering a wide range of food for staff to enjoy, as well as keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you Mel, Michael & Leanne!

We helped with: 

Staff Lunches
Meal Plans
Kitchen Supplies
Brigette Brown
Office Manager

So easy to use!

We use EatFirst for event catering and weekly fruit and milk deliveries. The website is so easy to use and offers a wide range of catering choices. We especially love the festive packages on offer each year, such as the Easter Hotcross bun boxes. Rose, our account manager, is so positive and always ready to assist us when we need something. Thank you Rose and the team for everything you do 😊

We helped with: 

Functions & Events
Kitchen Supplies
Corporate Catering
Sarah Jahn
Office Manager

It makes my job significantly easier

EatFirst is the easiest possible way to access a great variety of caterers around. It makes my job easier and allows me to have some fun choosing on the way. Thank you for all your help and support.

We helped with: 

Corporate Catering
Functions & Events
Lazarela Devrnja
Project Officer
Equity Trustees
Tech / Automotive

‘Delicious food & great customer service’

Order In is perfect for keeping our kitchen well-stocked with food & drinks. We love the wide selection of snacks and fresh fruit. Michael from Order-In always goes out of his way to make sure we have what we need, and to recommend new products for our pantry. Highly recommend!

We helped with:

Kitchen Supplies
Corporate Catering
Alex Kelly
Building and Facilities Manager
Health & Care

‘Excellent company to deal with, great food, great staff!’

They have a great selection of suppliers, and their customer service staff is second to none! I have had nothing but great service from them time and time again.

We helped with: 

Corporate Catering
Functions & Events
Daren Weippert
Scrum Master @ Bupa

‘It makes my job significantly easier’

Order-In is the easiest possible way to access a great variety of caterers around. It makes my job easier and allows me to have some fun choosing on the way. Thank you for all your help and support.

We helped with: 

Corporate Catering
Functions & Events
Lazarela Devrnja
Project Officer @ Equity Trustees

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We Take Your Pantry to the Next Level

With over two decades in the biz, our service is unmatched.

Happiness Managers aka Pantry Managers

Your optional team for stocking & curating your pantry

Account Managers

Your contact to navigate preferences, budget & finance

Ops & Supplier Managers

Your local team vetting & supporting our pantry suppliers

Customer Care

Your local team for advice, last-minute requests, or incidents

We Support the Widest Range of Suppliers

From locals to crowd-favourites, we have the best variety for office kitchens in-market.

Local Small Business

Promoting the best fresh & locally produced options.

Charity & Social Enterprise

Supporting through promotion, charitable & food contributions

Indigenous Suppliers

Showcasing fantastic suppliers preserving history through food

We are Committed to Sustainability

Helping you make a better choice on sustainable kitchen supplies

Recyclable Packaging

Packaging, containers & food options that are recyclable, compostable, & sustainable.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Local and vetted Australian businesses, providing fresh, high-quality options.

Supplier Sustainability Ratings

We rate our suppliers on important criteria, and showcase this to you.

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