Mark your calendar! If you love all things fast food, 16 November is your lucky day as we celebrate National Fast Food Day! While most of us agree that fast food and takeaway foods aren’t great for our health and may leave you feeling a little ‘greasy’ after, it doesn’t stop us from chowing down on a burger every now and then. It’s important to enjoy your food, but as part of a balanced diet and in moderation.

The history of Fast Food Day

The first fast food restaurant to open was White Castle in 1921 in the USA, selling hamburgers for a nickel. By 1950, fast food had become an American institution and from there, the love of fast food started spreading around the world. And while hamburgers are seen as traditional fast foods, countries around the world have their version of fast food. From sushi to kebabs, fried noodles or pies, you can enjoy your favourite ethnic cuisine in all its yummy goodness.

Fast food facts

Here are some fun facts to help you celebrate National Fast Food Day on 16 November:

  • Australians spend about $90 a month on fast food
  • Australians visit fast food outlets 51.5 million times every month
  • 60% of Australians aged between 14-29 eat fast food at least once a month
  • 83% of NSW and ACT residents were the most likely to spend money eating out of home each month, compared to the national average of 81%
  • There are over 300,000 fast food restaurants in the USA
  • French fries are the most popular type of fast food in the USA
  • 61% of people in Hong Kong visit a fast food chain at least once a week, compared to 35% in America

How to celebrate National Fast Food Day

We don’t recommend eating fast food every week, but to celebrate National Fast Food Day once a year, we’ve put together some of our favourites below. Why not try something new and enjoy a 'cheat day' for your next working lunch or staff lunch with our tasty fast food catering menu ideas below.


Whether it’s a build your own burger bar that allows guests to build their or a lunch package with chips and salads, we have a burger catering solution for you. Be sneaky and fool your guests with 100% vegetarian and vegan burgers and hot dogs.

Photo credit: Lord of the Fries

try burger catering on national fast food day


Try something different at your next working lunch with this Middle Eastern favourite. We love Turkish Kebabs or try the Greek version with the gyros from Zeus in Sydney CBD.

Photo credit: Zeus

Greek catering - tasty gyros from Zeus


Gather your team for your own office Mexican fiesta with a build your own taco bar! Make it a mix and match lunch event with a variety of tortillas, shells, salads, meats, cheese and more. Mexican catering is the easiest way to feed a crowd and a great way to get everyone mingling and interacting with each other. Try Guzman Y Gomez at Sydney's Australia Square or Mad Mex at Melbourne's Central or Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.

Make your own taco with Pablo’s Kitchen Mexican catering


Whether you want to slurp down a laksa or devour a plate of stir fried noodles, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy beautiful subtle flavours and oh so satisfying noodles from Sydney's IPOH on York or Brisbane's Superbowl Chinese.

Asian catering with noodles


An Aussie fast food favourite, Australians eat 270 million meat pies every year. At EatFirst, we don’t just serve any old meat pie – our corporate caterers offer flaky, golden crust gourmet pies with a range of gourmet fillings including slow cooked beef, red wine and mushroom pies, chicken and mushroom pies, Lebanese lamb and pomegranate pies and Moroccan vegetable and chickpea pies for the vegetarians.

Photo credit: Chilterns Catering

corporate catering ideas - delicious pies from Chilterns Catering

Fish and chips

Eating a piece of lightly battered fish with crispy fries is another iconic Australian foodie experience.

Photo credit: One Fish Two Fish

national fast food day ideas - fish and chips

Vietnamese Rolls

Bursting with fresh and balanced flavours and perfect for picnics or working lunches, nothing beats this healthy Vietnamese classic.

Photo credit: Banoi

Vietnamese catering – rice paper rolls


A versatile dish that can contain meat, fish or vegetables, sushi catering is a light and healthy alternative.

Sushi catering


Spoil your team with delicious donuts from Dr Dough. Perfect for afternoon tea, birthdays or simply say thank you and show your staff how much you appreciate them.

Treat your staff to donuts on national fast food day

Ordering fast food for the office

From Greek to sushi, Vietnamese catering to Mexican and everything in between, we have a huge range of delicious corporate catering options for your office that are perfect for a National Fast Food day treat.

Celebrating this day in the office doesn’t need to be unhealthy either – think lean meats, thin crust pizza bases, fresh vegetables, salads and a fruit platter on the side or wholegrain bread and buns.

Need help or insipred to try something new? No problem! Speak to one of our corporate catering experts on 1300 851 900 and they’ll happily suggest a yummy food catering menu that ticks all the boxes.

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