A slice of something nice or a savoury snack? We can help you plan the perfect morning tea that's guaranteed to be delivered on time and taste delicious.

Whether it's for the Cancer Council's Australia's Biggest Morning Tea or otherwise, your choices for a mid-morning snack are pretty much endless.

But if you're looking for some inspiration, below are some of the best morning tea catering menu ideas with plenty of delicious sweet and savoury options.

Cake stand with chocolate cupcakes and a plate with more cupcakes.

Sweet treats

1. Scones

It wouldn’t be a proper tea party without freshly baked, fluffy scones. And don’t skimp on the clotted cream and delicious jam use!

2. Pancakes

Nothing stacks up to pancakes. Whether you enjoy your pancakes smothered in butter, coated in Nutella or drowned in maple syrup, pancakes are always a crowd-pleaser.

3. Macarons

Delicate, delicious, mouth-watering and available in a variety of colours, include a basket or platter with different flavours and fillings. We'd recommend ordering them from somewhere like Makmak for both traditional and unique flavours, such as fairy bread, pandan and coconut, jasmine matcha and passionfruit.

4. Cupcakes

Individual little cakes for your guests, these little treats will please both young and old and are easy to eat. Some bakeries, including Sweet On Cupcakes, will even make branded cupcakes that are perfect for an event.

5. Pastries

In addition to your scones, serve some buttery, sweet treats that melt in your mouth. Have a mix of mini Danish pastries, tartlets, croissants and more for your next tea party.

Oven-baked egg tarts.

Savoury morning tea ideas

6. Bacon and egg muffins

Treat the office to a late breakfast for morning tea. Bacon and egg muffins are the perfect mid-morning meal that will boost office morale and productivity.

7. Ham and cheese croissants

These pastries are a crowd pleaser and can be served hot or cold. They're perfect for serving up for a morning or breakfast.

8. Scrolls

From savoury classics, like pizza and cheese, to indulgences with butterscotch and cinnamon, there’s a lot to love about scrolls. Serve it with a hot chocolate or cuppa and you can’t go wrong.

9. Mini quiches

These bite-sized goodies will fill hungry tummies. Whether you enjoy spinach and feta or cheese and tomato, there are a variety of options to suit everyone's palates.

10. Cheese

A platter of cheese and crackers always gets the thumbs up for those who prefer a savoury spread. Pimp your platter with a variety of fruits, nuts, olives, dips and breads.

Yoghurt cups with fruit and protein balls.

Healthy morning tea ideas

11. Yoghurt, berries and muesli

Not just for breakfast, bircher muesli is great as a snack too! It’s a tasty and healthy alternative for people who don’t want a slice of cake, but still want something sweet. The fresh berries provide a shot of antioxidants too.

12. Popcorn

A surprising source of health benefits including fibre and antioxidants. Try these toppings: garlic or parmesan to take it to the next level.

13. DIY stations

Smoothie bowl stations, breakfast burrito line-up or on the spot omelettes can be a creative way to make morning tea fun. Handing the recipe over to your team allows everyone to really take control of their meal and get the best out of brekkie. This can also help give your staff some helpful tips for meal planning and looking after themselves for the most important meal of the day.

14. Wrap platters

Swap the usual finger sandwiches out for a wrap platter. This healthy alternative can include a variety of different fillings include veggies, lean meats and a mix of salads.

15. Fruit kebabs

Skewers of freshly cut fruit and drizzled with chocolate. Yum.

16. Chocolate-dunked strawberries

Seriously, people love anything coated in dark chocolate. Well, maybe not anything, but strawberries and dark chocolate are a tasty and healthy match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong here.

17. Dips

Skip the potato chips that are full of fat and salt and offer some chopped up raw veggies like carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, tomatoes and green beans. Pair it with hummus, guacamole or an eggplant dip. Delish!

18. Smoothies and juices

If you want to be a little creative, consider ordering a variety of smoothies and juices to change things up a bit. Think strawberry smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juices and green juices.

Three cups of coffee saying "cheers"

Morning tea ideas for work functions

19. Champagne morning tea

For special occasions and for something a bit more luxurious, try a champagne menu with gourmet finger food, decadent chocolate mousse served in shot glasses, macarons and lemon meringue tarts. Offer a selection of mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks like iced teas, juices and spritzers for non-drinkers.

20. The sweet life

Embrace the sweet life like an Italian with a mix of sweet treats and biscuits, including Florentines, biscotti, slices and pastries. And don't forget some dark, Italian style espresso to go with your sweets. Use your coffee machine for the real stuff, or consider hiring a mobile barista for your Italian theme.

21. The Australian favourites

Plan a true blue morning tea event or party with platters stacked with Anzac biscuits, lamingtons, mini pavlovas, fresh fruit, scones with strawberry jam and cream, damper, Cheesymite scrolls, egg and bacon rolls and banana bread on your Australian menu, all washed down with a strong cup of earl grey.

22. Fusion fun

If you’re after something a bit more unique and stand out, why not try some fresh Asian catering. Whether that’s scrumptious rice paper rolls and salads, or fresh sushi and miso, mixing it up for brunch may be just what your team needs.

Check out some delicious Vietnamese and Japanese catering options here!

23. High tea

Go Downtown Abbey with some dainty finger chicken, salmon, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, a Victoria sponge cake, lemon melting moments, English muffins, petit fours, scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, lemon curd tartlets, including a beautiful selection of teas, coffees and iced tea with your menu.

Final tips for arranging the perfect morning tea

Don't forget special dietary requirements

Make sure no one gets left out - we can cater for special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarians.

As tasty as fresh fruit is, don't just supply that for those that can't have gluten. Treat them to some gluten-free pastries and bread for sandwiches.

You'll also want to order vegetarian sandwich fillings and cakes that are dairy-free to ensure everyone is satisfied!

Keep in mind the quantities you'll need

As a rule of thumb, we recommend the following quantities:

  • Cocktail/mini pastries and sweet treats: 2 to 3 per person
  • Large pastries and cakes: 1 ½ items per person
  • Platters: Check the size of the platter before ordering as they can be any size. Our marketplace notes how many servings you'll get from each platter and size options, if there are any.

Ready to order?

If you're planning a morning tea and you're not sure what to order, speak to our catering consultants on 1300 851 900 for easy office morning tea catering suggestions and inspiration.

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