Easter Food Ideas: The Best Sweet Treats, Meals and Activities to Celebrate With Your Team

Looking for Easter dessert ideas that will have your colleagues and team members gathering around the table with smiles on their faces? Well, you've come to the right place! Easter is a time where we all get together to celebrate - and what's better than enjoying some delicious treats together? In this blog post, we'll be sharing some of our favourite Easter desserts that are perfect for any celebration. From classic favourites to new twists on old classics, we've got you covered. So gather your team and get ready to indulge in some sweet goodness!

Treat your team to breakfast or morning tea with corporate caterers near you

Find a catering service for breakfast or lunch, let EatFirst Be Your One Stop Shop

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only 34% of adults eat breakfast every day. This Easter, why not treat your team to a staff breakfast or morning tea to boost employee morale and capitalise on the most productive period of the day. If breakfast doesn’t suit your office environment, consider treating the team to a team lunch or organise office drinks to hop into the Easter long weekend.

tray of delicious fresh subs with a ton of vegetables and grilled meats

Online platforms, such as EatFirst make ordering office catering easy, with over 900 caterers and the ability to have the food delivered straight to your office kitchen, find great options and catering services whether you're in Sydney CBD or Melbourne looking for that perfect sandwich platter.

Don’t forget serve & eat some Hot Cross Buns

Freshly cooked Hot Cross Buns for Easter

No Easter Event catering is complete without some delicious freshly cooked Hot Cross Buns. There is a reason why so many people wanted them in supermarkets all year run Nothing says Easter more than delicious buns made with fresh ingredients.

Whether you prefer fruit, chocolate or plain options, organise a hot cross bun delivery solution for the office that covers all tastes.

Great Drink Pairings

delicious hot chocolate in a red cup with marshmellows

- Hot chocolate: This is a classic pairing that can't be beat. The rich chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the hot cross buns.

- Coffee: Another great option for those who want a little caffeine boost with their hot cross buns. The coffee brings out the flavor of the raisins in the buns.

- Tea: This is a great option if you're looking for something lighter than coffee or hot chocolate. Choose a black tea or Earl Grey for the best flavor.

Perfect Spreads for your Hot Cross Buns

- Butter: This may seem like an odd pairing, but trust us, it's delicious. The butter adds a richness to the hot cross buns that takes them to the next level.

- Honey: If you want something a little sweeter than butter, honey is a great option. It pairs well with the spices in the hot cross buns and brings out their flavor.

Give the gift of chocolate

easter chocolate eggs cut in half with fruits bananas and oreos

Chocolate Easter eggs: no Easter is complete without chocolate eggs! Whether you prefer them filled with cream, nuts or caramel, there's an egg for everyone.

Looking for a budget-friendly way to show appreciation to your staff this Easter?

Chocolate East Bunny and Half Open Easter Egg with Smarties

Say thank you to your hard working staff with an adorable Lindt chocolate bunny or a packet of chocolate Easter eggs, delivered straight to your office. Attach an Easter gift tag and personalise it with a handwritten note with your Easter gift.

A small gift of appreciation will make your employees have an eggs-tra special day from one of our great caterers.

Fun Activities to do with Easter Eggs

brown egg on brown wooden basket
‍- Chocolate eggs filled with prizes

Why not make easter a bit exciting with a little bit of mystery. Doesn't have to be chocolate eggs, but you can make some fun mystery eggs filled with prizes or paper with what they've won.

- A giant Easter egg hunt

Why not bring things back to the classic and take everyone back to nostalgic times and organise a big Easter Egg Hunt with your team?

- Decorating Easter cookies or cupcakes

Just spending some time with arts and craft you can eat cannot go wrong. A great place for people to bond as they laugh at their creations.

- An easter egg decorating contest
bowl of eggs

Decorate the office

Easter is not all about chocolate gifts and hot cross buns. Why not show your festive spirit by decorating key areas of the office with Easter themed decorations, make the event really special?

People celebrating Easter in style

Start with the common areas

Decorating common areas, such as boardrooms, the reception or the staff kitchen with festive items will set the tone of the holiday period and create a communal feeling of celebration.

For some great decorating ideas, why not look through online platforms such as Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing and get the company involved with some DIY Easter decorations such as Easter garlands or DIY Easter egg baskets.

If budget allows, consider swapping out the mints in the staff kitchen or reception with corporate Easter chocolate eggs and displaying them in woven baskets. Or lay out a few rolls of fake grass and add a bunch of flowers to brighten up the office to get you to the long weekend.

Brighten up your office with DIY Easter decorations

Easter egg or Scavenger hunts

Depending on your work office environment, you may want to organise some fun Easter team building activities such as an office Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt.

This is a great way to get staff away from their desks and engage in important team building activities that will get everyone interacting with other departments

Easter catering in the office - chocolate eggs

Office drinks

two flutes of champagne near the sea

Nothing says long weekend like popping a bottle and enjoying a glass of wine or champagne after a long work week. Or if you want to go a bit fancy maybe organise caterers for some margaritas!

Whether you are catering for 10 or 100 people, EatFirst can help you organise everything you need for your work drinks, from alcohol delivery to organising bar staff.

Easter Catering Doesn't need to be just chocolate and buns
Charcuterie and cheese board

You know what goes well with drinks? Food! You don't need to be restricted to chocolates and hot cross buns to celebrate Easter. Choose simple cheese, fruit, sweets or mezze platters or have a pizza party! Your Easter catering options are endless. Food is the best way to bring the office together, so check out our Easter menu to order from some of the great caterers for your company.

We’ll help you celebrate Easter at the office

Office Pizza Party

At the end of the day, Easter is a time to spend with family and friends, and this includes your work family. Whether you treat your team to a staff lunch or just want to promote team bonding by participating in communal activities, showing appreciation to your staff will benefit your business ten-fold.

From Easter themed cupcakes to office lunch catering, a platter of hot cross buns with lashings of butter, or corporate Easter eggs for the staff, we’ll help you celebrate Easter in style. If you are still stuck for great Easter celebration ideas, or need a suggestion about what to order, speak to the corporate catering experts at EatFirst. We can recommend a variety of delicious Easter catering menu options to suit your needs and budget.

Hop to it!

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