Mardi Gras is so February.

All around the world, June is the official Pride Month. And although we usually celebrate Mardi Gras earlier in the year, more and more bars, pubs, restaurants and even workplaces are looking to get involved.

Here at EatFirst, we've had a slew of requests for Pride-themed foods and we're here to deliver. (Literally!)

While cupcakes certainly are one of the most popular options (just look how colourful they are!), they're not the only items available.

We have plenty of savoury items too and even main dishes if you're hosting more than just snacks or a tea to celebrate.

What to order for your Pride Month catering

  • Cakes2U (Sydney): Literally taste the rainbow with Cakes2U's six-layer rainbow cake, stacked with colourful, fluffy sponge.
  • Charlie and Franks (Sydney): Have a complete colour-filled meal with rainbow sandwiches, fruit platters displaying the entire spectrum and rainbow freckle-topped cupcakes
  • Cupcake Central (Melbourne): Vegans and dairy-free eaters rejoice! Here's an option for you too. Cupcake Central is baking up fresh treats that are available in either the classic cupcake recipe we know and love or a vegan/dairy-free option.
  • The Cupcake Lady (Adelaide): Bite into chocolate and vanilla cupcakes adorned with edible toppers featuring different designs, like the progress pride flag, and rainbow hearts
  • The Cupcake Patisserie (Brisbane): Enjoy a winning combination of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with icing in all the colours of the pride flag and the option to include your own company logo on top.
  • Dr Dough Donuts (Sydney): Move over donuts, it's cupcake time! Pink, yellow and blue cupcakes with fun, edible toppings and vanilla and chocolate bases are now on the menu.
  • Little Birdy Cakes (Brisbane): Order boxes of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with colourful icing and wafter toppings with half-rainbow designs
  • Little Cupcakes Bakery (Melbourne): Choose from standard-size or mini cupcakes — both just as colourful as eachother
  • One Pot Catering (Sydney): Chow down on rainbow antipasto salad, vibrant rice paper rolls, vegetable skewers, salad sandwiches, grazing boxes and fruit skewers, colourful macarons and rainbow cupcakes for dessert
  • Sweet On Cupcakes (Perth): Get into these full-size or mini cupcakes topped with bright rainbow icing and plenty of colourful lollies.
  • Vanilla Cupcakery (Sydney): Delve into mini or standard-sized vanilla, chocolate or red velvet cupcakes, all topped with buttercream icing and a colourful fondant disc.


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