A woman wearing a purple shirt for Wear It Purple Day.

Show your support for your LGBTQAI+ colleagues by starting simple by wearing it purple at work.

Happening on 25 August 2023, Wear It Purple Day is designed to start important and essential conversations we have in our daily life around sexual orientation and gender identity. Whether it's at work, at home, at school or anywhere else, it to encourages everyone to ensure they're providing an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth.

What is ‘Wear It Purple Day’?

After a number of tragedies in the LGBTQAI+ community, Wear It Purple Day started in 2010. It aims to draw greater awareness to the issues of acceptance and harassment LGBTQIA+ youth face the discussions is something to be carried on throughout every day of the year.

It's goal is to promote and empower LGBTQIA+ youth to be proud of their sexual identity, of who they are or could be.

Beyond just starting the conversation, Wear It Purple Day is about bringing joy, fundraising, holding events and most importantly, wearing as much purple as you can to support the LGBTQIA+ youth.

Wear It Purple Day doesn’t stop with your home or group of friends, it extends into supporting others through the workplace where it should be an inclusive environment for all. This can all start with the use of inclusive language and gender affirmation for your colleagues.

Celebrating Wear It Purple Day at work

It's important that inclusiveness is embraced not just amongst friends and families, but in the workplace too. After all, we're spending a good chunk of our lives with our colleagues and each on of them deserves to feel comfortable and supported at work.

A few simple days to show your support on Wear It Purple Day could include:

  • Host a casual morning tea and discuss the importance of wear it purple day and accepting others for who they are
  • Spread the word about WIPD with colleagues, and on social media. 
  • Be passionate about creating a safe space for all rainbow young people 
  • Encourage colleagues and staff to wear it purple on the day
  • Encourage any LGBTQ+ staff members to present and share their stories if they're comfortable
Wear It Purple _ Snack Proud

Bring the team together by treating them to some purple snacks

Plenty of our catering partners are showing their support by dishing up purple-hued foods in abundance, all for a good cause. From cupcakes topped with violet icing to blueberry pancakes (we all know they're really purple!) and salads packed with purple cabbage to snacking on crispy beetroot and purple sweet potato chips.

What our catering partners are offering for Wear It Purple Day in 2023

Dozens of our catering partners across Australia are offering special items for this special day. Check them all out below!

New South Wales

  • Vanilla Cupcakery: Choose between vanilla, chocolate or fluten-free cupcakes with purple buttercream and an edible Wear It Purple logo.
  • Grace of India: Indulge in a Purple Day Package with beetroot patties, tandoori chicken, sweet potato curry, and a selection of purple naans.
  • The Wooden Whisk: Dive into house-baked purple ricotta mixed berry muffins, freshly baked daily.
  • Poked Sydney: Vibrant poke bowls on a purple rice base, with an array of toppings to choose from.
  • Flavours Catering and Events: Show your spirit with Wear It Purple cupcakes in vanilla or chocolate, available in various packaging options.
  • Will and Mikes: A slew of options from purple scones and banana bread to veggie quiches and berry tarts.
  • Pen Catering: Relish a Wear It Purple Day spread of blueberry delights, from muffins to signature sweet croissants.
  • Cakes2U: Delight in cupcakes with vibrant purple icing, in vanilla or chocolate, with gluten-free and vegan choices.
  • Kallico Catering: Dive into diverse Wear It Purple Day cupcakes, with an optional lemon myrtle topper.
  • Brazilian Barbecue Catering: Choose between Classic or Vegan Wear it Purple Packages, featuring BBQ delights and roasted veggies.
  • Shorty's Liquor: Quench your thirst with an array of purple drinks, from IPA to kombucha.
  • Dr Dough Donuts: Indulge in glittery purple donuts or Wear It Purple Day cupcakes.
  • Makmak: Treat yourself to blueberry macarons showcasing Wear It Purple Day designs.
  • Feedwell Catering: Relish a Wear It Purple Day platter with raspberry coconut slices and blueberry lime fingers.
  • Snack Proud: Experience a healthy snack box bursting with 65 purple-themed delights.


  • Entice Me Catering: Savor vanilla bean cupcakes adorned with purple buttercream icing.
  • Little Birdy & Co: Stand in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ youth with Wear It Purple Day cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate.
  • Made by Misty: Delight in Wear It Purple Day cupcakes, topped with edible designs.

South Australia


  • Juicy Domes: Refresh with Pynk Panther juice blends, packed with fruit and free from any additives.
  • Poked: Revel in a poke bowl on a purple rice base, with a spectrum of options for every palate.
  • Little Cupcakes Bakery: Show support this Wear It Purple Day with vibrant purple cupcakes.
  • Nosh Poke Bowls Little Collins Street: Relish the vegan and gluten-free Beet Bowl with falafels and a coconut turmeric rice base.
  • Shorty's Liquor Melbourne: Sip on purple-inspired drinks, from smoothies to prosecco.
  • Blahnik: Dive into a purple wonderland from lamingtons to fudge brownies and delightful macarons.

Western Australia

  • Sweet On Cupcakes: Hand-crafted cupcakes topped with plenty of purple icing. Available in regular size or as mini cupcakes.


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