Wear It Purple Day 2022 (WIPD) is coming up soon! It is happening on the 26th of August 2022 and is themed around starting the important and essential conversations we have in our daily life around sexual orientation and gender identity at work, at home, anywhere to encourage a progressively inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth and to keep the conversation going.

What is ‘Wear it purple day’?

Wear It Purple Day was started in 2010 in response to a number of tragedies claiming rainbow youth lives, it aims to draw greater awareness to the issues of acceptance and harassment LGBTQIA+ youth face the discussions is something to be carried on throughout every day of the year. Wear It Purple Day aims to promote and empower LGBTQIA+ youth to be proud of their sexual identity, of who they are or could be.

Beyond just starting the conversation, Wear It Purple Day is about bringing joy, fundraising, holding events and most importantly, wearing as much purple as you can to support the LGBTQIA+ youth.

Wear It Purple Day doesn’t stop with your home or group of friends, it extends into supporting others through the workplace where it should be an inclusive environment for all. This can all start with the use of inclusive language and gender affirmation for your colleagues.

Start the conversation

By starting the conversation on Wear It Purple Day, you are laying the foundation for an inclusive space for your friends and colleagues. It is an opportunity for rainbow youth to hear stories of the struggles and successes of those who have come before them.

This upcoming Wear It Purple Day 2022, we encourage members of the LBTQIA+ community and allies to share their stories, to inclusively educate on their issues and to start these conversations at work, at home for any day of the year and most importantly, wear LOTS of purple.

Why we should celebrate WIPD at work

We should be encouraging colleagues and staff to celebrate Wear it Purple day. It is important that inclusiveness is embraced into all organisations missions, so let's show some support for our LGBTQ friends who are working with us!

With the restriction stopping face to face interactions we need to adapt and find virtual ways to start the conversation:

  • Host a casual virtual morning tea and discuss the importance of wear it purple day and accepting others for who they are
  • Spread the word about WIPD with colleagues, and on social media. 
  • Be passionate about creating a safe space for all rainbow young people 
  • Encourage colleagues and staff to wear it purple on the day
  • Encourage any out/open LGBTQ+ staff members to present and share their stories if comfortable

How to celebrate WIPD at work

We know that Covid - 19 restrictions may throw a spanner in the works for many businesses trying to organise a Wear it Purple Day. For this reason, many of the celebrations 2022 have to be done virtually. Through zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, etc.

Games and activities you can host virtually this WIPD: 

Wear It Purple _ Snack Proud

Free Resources Available 

There are a ton of free resources out there available for download here. Such as the following :

  • Printable's
  • Social collateral 
  • Instagram frame 
  • Zoom background
  • How to wear it purple - The virtual edition.

Looking for more?
For more information on how to celebrate Wear It Purple Day check out their website.

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