A wooden board with two burgers.

Today's the day to treat the team to a juicy, indulgent burger.

But first... What Is National Burger Day and when Is It? 

A taste of heaven between two buns… that sounds like a burger! According to all sources, it’s unclear exactly why the 28th of May dons the title “National Burger Day”, but let’s not complain about the lack of historical clarity and focus on what’s important on this delicious food day: it’s an excuse to grab a burger! 

And yes, we know this day is a Sunday in 2023. So if you’re worried about missing this glorious day don’t fret…. We won't tell anyone if you choose to celebrate on Friday teh 26th or Monday the 29th. As if anyone ever really need an excuse to eat a delicious burger. 

How to celebrate National Burger Day in the office

Having burger catering come into the office is fun enough in itself, but if you’re looking to celebrate national burger day, an employee birthday or even just have some fun, here are some excellent ideas to inspire you, get the whole office involved and get you that greasy fix!

1. Have a DIY burger making station

Of course, you can't celebrate National Burger Day without, well, burgers!

But we know everyone has different preferences. Whether you're pro-pickle or turn your head at tomatoes, a DIY burger station is the perfect way to get a burger just the way you like it.

If you're in Melbourne, check out The Common Kitchen and Bar while Sydneysiders can order from Flavours Catering.

2. Burger naming contest

You read that right!

Why not hold a contest on national hamburger day (or whenever the craving strikes) to see who can come up with the craziest burger names for their DIY creation?

hamburger name cartoon

3. Bring a unique burger creation

Have everyone in the office bring a burger to work or take a photo of their crazy burger creation for national burger day.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could ask them to prepare one using ingredients from their cultural background to make for an interesting mix.

4. Try a dessert burger

A growing food trend is the dessert burger, and there’s no reason why the office can’t hold an afternoon social with these on a platter. Fancy Nutella, ice cream, popping candy and mars bars between two brioche buns? Pack all of your favourites into this funtastic burger experience.

5. Hold a slider party

By this stage, we have established everyone loves burgers. So why not grab some mini burgers for your staff lunch! Everyone gets to sample a few different burger styles, from crispy chicken burgers to classic bacon cheeseburger, along with some chippies and salad.

6. You can make friends with salad

Sides are just as important as the burger itself. Whether you’re opting for classic fries and pickles, or some delicious and fresh salads, make sure there’s a nice range of options for people to choose from.  

7. Don’t forget the vegans and vegos 

So what if you’re vegetation or vegan and want to enjoy an all - American hamburger? No problem. These days, the options are endless! There are plenty of vegan burger recipes out there for meatless meals. So it is vital to include some veggie and vegan burgers with your spread, so no one misses out on lunch. You might be surprised Whatever theme or occasion, it’s always important to cater to those special diets in your office.

Celebrate National Burger Day at the office

As if you needed more reasons to eat burgers at work! It's time to try something new for your next working lunch or Friday happy hour. Eat First gives you access to your city’s best corporate caterers offering delicious hamburgers and sliders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

Whether it's for this national food day or any other food day at the office, order burgers at your workplace if you need a faster and more convenient way to join the hamburger day celebrations. Get in touch with our foodie experts to find out more about our range of corporate caterers, and grab some burgers for your office to celebrate National Burger Day!

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