Move over Movember and Sober October, Veganuary is the new monthly challenge to get behind.

(We kid, there’s plenty of months to go around!)

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to live a better lifestyle or you’re just up for a challenge, Veganuary can be a fun way to start the year.

Try new foods or experiment with changing up ones you already love during the 31 days of January. You may just find some new favourite dishes.

1. Start your day off just as you would - only with a dash of plant-based milk

If you’re like us and just don’t feel awake until you’ve had your morning coffee, we would never suggest giving up your cup.

But if you’re a coffee-with-milk type of person, try swapping out your full cream milk for a plant-based alternative such as oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or macadamia milk.

Companies such as MILKLAB have crafted alternative milks that  “provide a creamy mouthfeel and compliment the flavour of espresso coffee.”

Ordering milk for your office? We can supply just about any type you and your team are after, either fresh or boxed.

2. Enjoy all your favourite lunch spots, just opt for alternative items

Compared to just a few years ago, more and more fast food chains and cafes are offering vegan-friendly menu options.

Greg McFarlane, a director at Vegan Australia, says he can walk into just about any fast food restaurant and find plant-based items now.

“Places like Grill’d, Zambreros, Hungry Jack’s, they’ve all got quite decent vegan options.”

And we’re finding the same with our catering partners. Zeus Street Greek offers chicken and lamb alternatives, Mad Mex offers vegan mince in its burritos and taos and Crust Pizza offers plant-based chicken and pulled jackfruit as some of its topping options.

3. Continue to indulge in sweet treats

Unless you’re eating Rachel Green’s trifle from Friends, desserts don’t usually contain meat, but of course, there’s more to it than that. Cakes are often made fluffy with eggs and many frozen desserts contain both dairy and eggs. 

Egg-free cakes, dairy-free ice creams and plenty of other vegan desserts are out there though, and they sure are delicious.

BadBoy Doughnuts in Brisbane serves up vegan (and gluten-free/nut-free!) sweets - including espresso and Biscoff- and raspberry chili chocolate and jam doughnuts. If you’re in Adelaide, Indulge in some vegan cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady.

4. Skip the maybe-forgotten vegan items

Like to sweeten your breakfast with honey or match your meals with your favourite wine? Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need to give those up this month.

While bees don’t die while making honey, similar to eggs that don’t kill the chickens laying them, it’s still a product that relies on an animal’s work for us to enjoy. There are vegan alternatives though, which are just as sweet. Maple syrup and molasses are popular options.

Wondering where wine fits in? “Fining agents”, which are used in the winemaking process can me make from a range of substances including milk proteins, egg whites and gelatin - none of which are vegan. 

But, don’t fear! There are plenty of vegan wines available for your enjoyment too. They’re usually available at most bottle shops too, including Vintage Cellars.

What is Veganuary, anyway?

A month-long challenge started in England to inspire more people to eat a plant-based diet, Veganuary has had millions of participants since it started back in 2014.

It’s a charitable organization too - so if you sign up through the official website, you can get access to recipes, celebrity cookbooks, nutritional advice and a daily coaching email.

But you don’t need to become an official member to participate. Just like how you’d give up drinking alcohol during Sober October, during Veganuary you’ll be giving up consuming animal products for the month.

Browse our menus to to see what vegan offerings our catering are serving

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