All the must-have menu items, where to stream the game and how to decorate.

Move over Valentine’s Day, the main February event surely is the Super Bowl! 

(We kid, there’s definitely room for both!)

Kicking off just one day before Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl is an iconic event for any sports fan. So make this Monday a little less dreary at the office with these Super Bowl party ideas.

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday falls on 12 February in 2023. That’s in the US, so the big game will air in Australia on 13 February at 10:30am AEDT.

Even if you're just casual fans or don't or watch football at all, it's still a fun event to watch. Plus, we’d expect Rihanna’s halftime show to come on just in time for lunch!

Football players getting ready to play the game.

What to serve at your Super Bowl party

Share plates, finger foods, crunchy snacks and just all around great food is perfect for any Super Bowl party. 

Go all out and serve up some of America’s favourite eats today. After all, this is the most popular sport in the USA!

Here’s what we’d serve:

Chicken wings

Literally named after an American city, the Buffalo wing is a staple for any Super Bowl party. These un-breaded wings are usually fried and slathered in a spicy, vinegar-based sauce that pairs perfectly with a blue cheese sauce.

Of course, there’s plenty of other types of wings you can serve today too (especially for those who don’t like spice) including honey garlic, teriyaki, or BBQ.

Where to order it: Crust Pizza (across Australia) has smokey BBQ and Korean gochujang hot wings.

Fried finger foods

Move over hot chips! (Just kidding, we still love you.) 

Today, items like onion rings, mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers are on the menu. Maybe make it a bit more Australian by throwing some sausage rolls and party pies into the mix.

Where to order it: Fabulous Catering in Melbourne or Vanilla Blue in Sydney.


Are there any other foods that screams “party” more than pizza? Perfect for a Super Bowl party crowd and easy to eat while watching the teams playing, order a few large pizzas to go with your wings and finger food and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid game-day feed.

Where to order it: Eatilly in Adelaide, Wood Fire New York Pizza in Brisbane, Simple Italian in Perth and 11 Inch Pizza in Melbourne.

Nachos with chili and cheese

At American football games, you may get corn chips slathered in a liquidy cheese, but we’d kick it up a notch if hosting a party.

Go for the full-on pub-style nacho plate with hot toppings like pulled pork, beef or beans, oozy melted cheese that’s finished off off with plenty of guacamole, sour cream and jalapeños.

Where to order it: Pablo’s Kitchen in Sydney


Is it even game day without a brew or two? Order in a few cases of beer for a lunchtime toast during your Super Bowl party to wash down your wings and nachos and toast the team of your choice.

Where to order it: Vintage Cellars in all capital cities (except Darwin and Hobart).

A table full of snacks including popcorn, chocolate and cookies and hands holding a remote control.

How to watch the Super Bowl in Australia

If you’re hosting the party in your office, there’s a few ways you can stream the Super Bowl, according to Lifehacker.

  • Free: Channel 7 will air the game live, or you can watch it later on 7plus
  • Subscription: If you, or someone in your office, has a Kayo Sports or Foxtel subscription you’ll be able to stream the game
Hands cheering with red solo cups.

What you need to decorate the office for your Super Bowl party

A small budget and a few decorations are really all you need to get the office ready for the Super Bowl. After all, the day really is all about the game… and the food.

A few things we’d get:

  • We’re big fans of this bunting-style football decoration from Amazon that’s super easy to hang up around the office for game day.
  • Avoid getting food and drink stains on your tables and desks with football field tablecloths.
  • While not technically a decoration, we'd definitely be drinking out of red solo cups.

More ideas for your office Super Bowl party

Super Bowl Bingo

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and this one is great for those that don't care too much for the actual game.

Print out some Super Bowl bingo cards for things like touchdowns, screen pans to a celebrity in the crowd, or mentions of a certain sponsor during the commercials.

Start an Super Bowl office pool

Just like tipping during Melbourne Cup, leading up to the event start a pool to see which teams will make the NFL final.

Wear the team colours

Once you know the final two teams, encourage everyone in the office to wear the colours of the team they're choosing to support in the big game.

Football fans watching the game wearing blue and eating chips from an orange bowl.

Ready to plan your Super Bowl party for the office?

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