Administrative Professionals Day is fast-approaching on 5 May, and here's how to make the team feel special.

Held in Australia annually on the first Friday of May, it’s the perfect time to say thank you to the under-appreciated heroes of the office: our office secretaries, assistants, receptionists and other office support staff who help make the office function properly.

Inventive ways to show your support on Administrative Professionals Day

Of course, the best way to find out how your admin staff would like to be recognised this national Admin day is to ask them.

But if you have multiple admin staff or just don’t have the time, read on for some inventive ways to show your appreciation to your staff.

Whether you’re looking for something new, or want an out-there and exciting gift, skip the flowers, cards and candies and do something exciting with these 4 inventive ways to show your appreciation.

1. Gift them an experience

Nothing is more exciting than getting out of your comfort zone or trying something new.

Tell your secretary to go jump out of a plane… Literally.

Say Bon Appetit to the office receptionist with a French cooking class or treat all the EAs to a spa day.

2. Give them the afternoon off

Win the best boss award by giving your admin staff the afternoon off for national admin day.

Want bonus points? Throw in a gift voucher for their favourite restaurant, cafe or bar.

3. Organise an epic staff lunch

Want to involve your whole admin team in the festivities?

Treat everyone to an unforgettable lunch, with all their favourite dishes catered. Whether their tastebuds tingle at the mention of Spanish tapas, they're crazy about a curry or they're down for a few dozen dumplings, we have hundreds of caterers across Australia ready to serve up dozens of cuisines.

Want to make it even more fun? You can even organise a secret ‘meeting’ calendar invite, where the whole office gathers to cheers you admin superstars.

4. Hide personal notes around the office

Looking for more of a personal touch? Company-wide recognition from every co-worker will show your admin staff just how much they are appreciated. Get the office to write affirmations or personal notes and hide them in your assistant’s desk. Sometimes the small gifts are the most appreciated!

Thank you presents and some employee recognition can be an incredibly effective way to show your gratitude! Want to go a step further? Then organise for a bunch of gift cards and hide them around the office on secretaries day. From nail salon vouchers to free coffee, an extra-long hour of lunch, a cupcake, or their favourite treat from the bakery with a smoothie, these little tokens and gift cards will remind your staff how much they are appreciated all year round.

5. Treat them to food gifts

Why not get them their favourite treat to say thank you this secretary’s day? Some donuts, cupcakes, a delicious block of chocolate, whatever it is, food gifts are an excellent thank you present.

Of course, the best office gifts are those that match the personality of the receiver the best. So, if your admin staff love flowers or regularly get their nails done, your employees will notice that you’ve gone the extra mile to make their day extra special.

Without the tireless work of administrative professionals, offices across Australia would fall apart, so celebrate your awesome team on Administrative Professionals Day to recognise and reward them for all their hard work and contributions made to your business. From a small gift, to something extra special, any gratitude would be appreciated!


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