Palace Catering

We're Australia's #1 corporate caterer, and we love to showcase our new corporate caterers. That way, you're in-the-know with the latest, hot-from-the-oven catering options and choices. Let us introduce the newest Sydney office caterer who has joined the EatFirst family to you — Palace Cafe & Catering.

Palace Catering delivers a wide range of:

  • Sweet and savoury teas
  • Lovely working lunches
  • Casual finger food

Sweet and savoury teas

Palace Catering offer a range of morning or afternoon tea options that will be sure to please your staff

palace catering - sweet treats

Lovely lunches

Great variety and good value - Palace Catering offer a range of outstanding working lunch packages

palace catering - working lunches

Casual finger food

Delicious little morsels to mix and match for your next corporate function, Palace Catering offer delectable finger food options that will please every palate.

palace catering - finger food

To order delicious corporate catering from Palace Catering, just use our website to order online and get it conveniently delivered to your Sydney office, or call 1300 851 900 and one of our friendly corporate catering consultants will be more than happy to help.

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