From getting your office into party mode, to creating the perfect ambience with music and decor, here are seven festive ways to throw the ultimate work Christmas party.

The holidays are upon us and that means it's time to start thinking about all the fun festivities you can have with your co-workers.

One of the most important events is the office Christmas party! But what if you're not sure how to plan an event that will make everyone excited or how to turn your workplace into a Winter Wonderland? We've got five helpful Christmas party ideas for throwing the perfect Christmas party at work!

1. Office Christmas Parties Aren't Complete Without A Christmas Tree

Make sure to set up a Christmas tree that represents your group.

If you're in the tech industry, opt for an electronic decorated tree with lights and blinking gadgets! A more traditional tree might look good in a different department. Don't be afraid to get creative with your decorating!


Get everyone involved

Have them bring their own decorations they'd like to place on the tree. A star is always a classic Christmas decoration so make sure you choose one that represents your team or organisation at the company party well!


2. Serve your favorite holiday dishes, such as gingerbread cookies and eggnog 

Choose your office's favorite Christmas party foods and make sure to serve them!

A few dishes you might want to try are:

  • gingerbread cookies
  • candy canes
  • even hot chocolate!
  • festive grazing platters
  • christmas sunday roast

Pick out flavors that remind you of the holidays for an added festive touch. Don't forget about more traditional office party food like wine, cheese platters and fruit baskets either!

3.Get a buzz going with some after work drinks

Serve these treats with some warm beverages such as coffee, tea or maybe some hot cocoa if it fits in with your theme perfectly?

You definitely don't have to stick with just one drink either- mixing things up is key! Maybe serving a variety at an open bar will encourage everyone at work to mingle throughout the night making new friends while also catching up with old ones over fun drinks by the Christmas tree.

Also, don't forget to serve some classic office party food like cheese platters and wine, with fruit baskets if it fits your theme perfectly! Maybe pick out flavors that remind you of the holidays for an added touch of festivity?

Don't limit yourself to just one drink either- mixing things up is key! Serving a variety might encourage everyone at work to mingle throughout the night making new friends while catching up with old ones over drinks by the Christmas tree.

Don't be afraid to get creative when planning office parties - after all this is meant to foster team building skills which can lead to great collaboration in other areas too.

This holiday season make sure your office celebration stays on people's minds long after they've left that office party!

4. Play some traditional Christmas carols on the radio or through speakers 

Every party needs some great tunes to dance along to, so make sure you have a festive playlist ready for your guests! Traditional Christmas carols are always the perfect choice. This is also an opportunity to play some new artists that represent what's currently popular in mainstream music - it might open up the minds of co-workers who aren't usually into this kind of music!

A corporate christmas party can be quite formal but don't hesitate on playing more modern songs as well if there's something special about them which fits with your theme or atmosphere.

Remember: everyone has different tastes and interests, so try not to limit yourself or others too much when it comes to musical choices at work parties because they may you by enjoying things outside their comfort zones!

With that in mind - make sure the music selection suits both your office staff members who are into traditional tunes, as well as people who like keeping up with mainstream hits of today.

Don't be afraid to put some fun holiday playlists together for guests either- maybe even include a few tracks off each individual's list everyone can enjoy themselves equally throughout the night!

5. Decorate with lots of red and green decorations (e.g., tinsel, garland) 

Red and green are classic christmas colors, so make sure you include them in your corporate holiday party! If tinsel or garland isn't really "your style" then maybe use these colors to decorate the table with plates, napkins, cups etc.


Adding more festive pieces can help brighten up people's spirits even before they arrive at your corporate event - it makes everyone feel ready for a night of fun instead of being overwhelmed by all their work worries beforehand! This is also an opportunity to get creative so don't be afraid to think outside-the-box when looking around the office for decorations if necessary.

Don't forget about other shapes besides just circles either- triangles have some pretty cool angles that might look great hanging from the ceiling or tucked into a vase of flowers! Whatever you do, make sure it's representative of the holiday season to bring everyone in your corporate party together.

If red and green are too generic for you - why not try something more unique this year? Maybe silver bells if that fits with your corporate Christmas party theme perfectly?

This is also an opportunity to get creative so don't be afraid to think outside-the-box when looking around the office for decorations either.

Or even consider using other shapes besides just circles- triangles have some pretty cool angles that might look great hanging from the ceiling or tucked into a vase of flowers! Remember: whatever you choose has got to represent what makes up all your co-workers personalities which can help them feel more included in the corporate Christmas party.

6. Spice Things Up With Some Fun Office Party Games

Get into the spirit of the silly season by organising some fun games to bring entertainment to your party goers. It’s a great opportunity for building camaraderie among your staff and creating a great atmosphere for your office festivities by getting everyone involved.

Play Pass The Parcel!

Get the party started with a round of pass the parcel. Whether you’re sober or drunk, this simple game can lead to a range of surprises depending on what gifts you might be hiding inside the parcel.

Set Up An Escape Room Experience

If you’ve got a hefty Christmas party budget, why not set the tone by organising an escape room experience for your teams? It helps build camaraderie  and will give your staff a wonderful time and memories.

Get Sneaky With A Scavenger Hunt

Excite your staff and colleagues by setting up a scavenger hunt where they can explore your office and find hidden treasures to fill their Christmas stockings.

Bring Some Mischief With Murder Party Games

Maybe you want to build the tension inside the office - murder party games could be the perfect way to break down the barriers especially with some alcohol going around for people to have fun and let loose.

7. Gather everyone around the office's large conference table for a group photo at the end of the night

Everyone is going to want a festive memory of the company Christmas party, so make sure you take some time out towards the end of your festive work celebration for an epic group photo! Even if there's only six or seven people in total that attended - it can still be fun because everyone will get into it by this point and have their festive spirits on high.

Do something different with this picture too- maybe print copies and give them out as christmas cards? Maybe even include some cute stickers inside which say "happy holidays from [company name]"?

This also isn't just limited to handing these photos straight over at the end either- add them onto office notes while they're back working through emails before throwing away any old papers/notes etc. that are taking up extra space.

Remember: this festive memory will stay with your company staff members for the rest of their lives, so make sure you get it right!

This is an opportunity to be creative and work together as a team and improve employee engagement - everyone including yourself should feel comfortable in whatever environment they're working in which can help bring about more positivity throughout the festive season towards each other :)

Celebrate your Corporate Christmas Party responsibly

Office Christmas parties can be a lot of fun for employees and managers alike, but there are some important things to keep in mind when planning one.

As an office manager or boss, you need to make sure your party is budget-friendly while also taking care not to overdo it with the alcohol consumption with bonus points for having a great memory for all the party goers.

The perfect way to do this is by making sure that food trumps booze at your event. Some other tips include having great music all night long, remembering that everyone has different tastes so plan accordingly, and always have games on hand!

These few simple steps should help you throw a fantastic holiday party without breaking the bank. If you're looking for more information about how to organize an office christmas party or would like someone else manage

If you're looking for a hand with organising your end of year celebration, EatFirst are the perfect corporate caterers to help organise your office party with options for food trucks, finger food, corporate gifts and much more to ensure you have the most wonderful time.

To learn about some ways you can stand out for your next event, read more with our Unique Christmas Party Ideas guide. If you're looking to keep your office party covid-safe and contact-free but still have a memorable event - check out our virtual christmas celebrations guide.



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