Reducing Food Waste together with

Why does reducing food waste matter?

Did you know throwing away just one hamburger wastes just as much water as taking a 90 minute shower? We currently waste a huge 7.6 million tons of food every year - that's 312kg per Australian to put it into perspective. From the beginning of the manufacturing process to leftovers we're throwing out, there's an environmental impact every step of the way when it comes to food consumption


Reduction in greenhouse gases

Lowering food waste means less organic material decomposing in landfills, which reduces methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.


Resource conservation

Decreasing food waste conserves water, energy, and other resources used in food production, reducing overall environmental strain.


Community support

Initiatives to donate surplus food support local communities, addressing food insecurity and contributing to social welfare.

What can we do?


OzHarvest collects quality surplus from your workplaces and turns it into meals that those in need within local communities can truly use.

Guidelines and Support

We provide support and guidelines to prevent excess leftovers. Your staff can place their custom orders so you always have the perfect amount of food.

Waste to resource practices

We Collaborate with third-party companies to upcycle waste into products, such as converting used coffee grounds into soaps.

Any questions? We have people for that!

Our goal is to work with our suppliers, partners and caterers to increase sustainable practices for all our catering events and minimise our carbon footprint.If you have any questions about the sustainable rating, or would like a quote for a delicious, sustainable meal - please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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