How to be productive working from home

Working from home seems like the ideal set-up; being in close proximity to your own kitchen, comfortable clothes (read: pajamas) and working away from the office distractions. While all those things remain true it can be very easy to fall into unproductive habits while you are working in your PJ paradise.

Whether you're struggling with finding the best lines of communication with colleagues, or you want to keep engaged in your everyday work takss, finding balance while WFH can be difficult. No matter the reason, whether you need to self quarantine due to the COVID-19 situation, or you're unable to travel into work each day, here are our top tips on remaining sane, productive and happy while working from home.

For work from home veterans or those newly introduced into the world of WFH, here are the best tips to get you into the groove.

How to work from home like a boss

1. Set up a designated work space

A proper desk and chair situation should never be underrated when it comes to working from home. While you might miss the double monitor set-up, having a dedicated space to get work done from home is super important.

Try and resisted the urge to climb back into bed, and save TV time for your lunch break. A designated work area means that even though you are working from home, you still have clear home and work boundaries. Which is not only important to keeping you sane, but also staying productive.

2. Get dressed in the morning

I know how tempting it is to just roll out of bed, open your laptop and get stick into work, but getting dressed at the beginning of your day is one key to success. According to reasarch, clothing has a subconcious symbolism over us, meaning our work clothes actually help us perform better. although it may seem silly putting on your work-best while at home, if you really need a kick into gear, this may be the best habit to get into.

3. Snacks, snacks & snacks!

Beware of the working from home time vortex! It's surprisingly easy to fall out of good and healthy eating habits you create while heading to the office each day, like having a designated lunch break, or healthy snacks by your side. Keep your routine as intact as possible while working from home. Even if that requires you setting an alarm for work time, break time and clock-off time.

Plus, keeping some healthy snacks handy will keep you feeling focused! If you don't have time to run down to the supermarket, try out our at home snack delivery boxes. Filled with all the brain food you need to keep working at your best.

4. Keep in contact with colleagues

Whilst being away from your colleagues can be a chance to really knuckle down without any distractions, it can be lonely after a while. Especially while we are all in social distancing mode. Lucky for us we live in a time where working remotely doesn't mean complete isolation. Jump on Zoom, Slack your desk buddies and keep everyone in the loop.

If you're after a way to keep social (distancing) interactions alive, why not try out a virtual Friday night drinks?

5. Plan your workflow

Get smart about planning your day. Whether that is in conjunction with your manager, or something you do each morning before getting started for the day, make a list of your top priorities. Whether they are large projects to chip away at, or quick to-dos, having a list to check off will not only hold you accountable, but will give you direction when you might not be too sure what to tackle next.

6. Put down the social media!

A massive draw-back from working from home is the temptation to pick up your phone and scroll through socil media. In fact, 66% of working from home employees say they are often on their phone while working remotely, for non-work related purposes. While we may like to think we are super skilled at multitaksing, science says otherwise. So put down the phone for a couple of hours, and get stuck into work.


Still heading to work each day?

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