It's no secret it's been a difficult year for everyone, but especially our Melbournians! 

But as the COVID-19 aftershock waves slow down, and things slowly return back to normal, it’s time to begin thinking about welcoming staff back into the office. 

Having people working back in the office will help in restoring some balance to routines, and lift spirits, but it's difficult to know exactly what you need to put in place.

While it can easily become overwhelming, here are some tips and tricks on ensuring your staff feel right at home, while working back in the office.

The EatFirst difference

What makes ordering catering and kitchen supplies from EatFirst any different from anywhere else? We have partnered with all of our suppliers and have put together a set of strict guidelines, ensuring all COVID-safety measures are followed. 

Helping staff feel at home in the office

Post-COVID Supplies

From free-standing sanitisation stations, PPE packs for staff, masks and more; EatFirst can supply all your post-COVID office supplies

Supply the PPE

If you would prefer staff to wear a mask in meetings or around the office, then supply the mask! Put hand sanitiser stands at every entrance for easy access, and even go so far as to supply some personal cutlery, a water bottle and coffee mug. Not only is this a nice gesture, but will give great peace of mind!

Where to order it from in Melbourne:

Single-Serve Catering

From breakfast and morning tea, to lunches and grazing boxes, we have ample options when it comes to single-serve catering. 

To find it all, simply enter your address here, use the “Catering Occasions” filter, and select “Single Serve Items.” Enjoy!

Some of our Melbourne faves:

Brisk Catering

Ensure you have the Essentials

A running supply of coffee, tea, fruit, milk and bread are an excellent place to start. Having the essentials in your office kitchen will help settle staff back with warm cuppas, refreshing fresh fruit and breakfast options.

Something Sweet

Nobody can resist a small sweet treat. Order some welcome back cupcakes to boost morale from the moment they walk in. Plus, they are individually portioned, so you can ensure everyone remains socially distanced. Why not pop a cupcake on each desk for when they come back to work?

Where to order from in Melbourne:

Susta Cake Bar

Healthy Snack Supply

Filling your office pantry with delicious and nutritious snacks will not only help everyone beat their 3pm slump, but give some life back into the office! 

Check out our single serve pantry options here!

Think about the setup 

Ensure your desk spacing aligns with the current government guidelines about social distancing. This also applies to all communal areas, such as the office kitchen, the printing area, break room, boardroom and so on. Be sure to clearly communicate all changes! 

Ensuring your setup is in line with the current recommendations, will help your staff feel more at ease. 

Don't Discourage WFH

If someone doesn’t feel comfortable coming back into the space full-time yet and can continue to WFH, then give them the space to do so. You’re number one priority is making sure your employees feel supported and comfortable to do their work. 

For the staff still at home

Grazing & Picnic Boxes

Personal grazing boxes are perfect for keeping your team feeling together, while working remotely. 

Where to order: 

DIY Experiences 

A super fun collection DIY baking experiences, to encourage a moment of mindfulness for your remote workers.

Where to order:

Looking for more?

Get in touch with our catering experts on 1300 851 900, or email us here. Let us help you make the transition back into the office as smooth as possible! 

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