5 tips on how to stay organised at work

Clutter is one of those things that manages to find a way into all aspects of your life. Your house, your closet, your car and even your workspace! Getting organised and sorting through your work drawers can be just the boost you needed to get on top of that to-do list, and get things done.

A recent survey has found that clutter impacts an employee’s productivity (77%), state of mind (65%), happiness (40%), motivation (53%), and even their waistline (9%)! Staying clutter free and organised at work can make all the difference to your day.

Here are 5 ways to keep you on top of your game!

1. Keep only what you need

Make like Marie Kondo and keep what only sparks joy (or in this case, what keeps you on track at work). It’s true what they say about how a space can impact your mind. If your desk is a mess, it’s only going to make it harder to knuckle down and complete what you need to do.

A survey found that office clutter is a huge factor in undermining productivity and motivation in the workplace. Getting your desk organised and precise, gives your mind the space to be motivated so you can be your productive best.

Don’t forget to clear your digital clutter too. Delete those unnecessary emails and files… and keep that desktop tidy!

clear the clutter from your desk

2. Productivity journaling

A productivity journal is a great tool to record, analyse and improve your efficiency. It is especially useful for keeping you on track for specific goals, projects or trying to form positive working habits.

Basically, you begin with recording your top, specific goals. This gives you a stepping stone for creating tasks with these goals in mind and ticking off beneficial ‘to-dos.’ Once you have recorded your process and tasks for a couple of weeks, you can then reflect on what you did well, what you can improve upon and what you have learned. Not only can this help keep you motivated, but it’s a fantastic way to organise your thoughts.

3. Limit your multi-tasking

This may sound illogical, but it is the best way to stay organised and on task in the office. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to get 100 things done at once. Slow down, and tackle one thing at a time. You’re guaranteed to get things done faster and keep yourself organised. Try writing out a list for the tasks you need to complete that day and get through them one at a time. The real trick is not overworking yourself.

4. Take regular breaks

Another tip you may not necessarily think of when you’re trying to get organised at work, but breaks are a vital part. Making routine breaks part of your at work routine is not as counterintuitive as you may expect. Breaks actually increase productivity, motivation and help clear your mind. Whether you just need a 5 minute time out to grab a cup of tea, or take an hour lunch and get some fresh air, it’s all part of the organisational process.

5. Have healthy snacks

A well-fed mind is an organised mind. This means you are encouraged to indulge yourself in some healthy office snacks. So grab that handful of almonds, bite into an apple or crunch on some popcorn throughout the day to keep your mind focused.

Having a well-stocked office kitchen always helps with keeping staff motivated and organised, so make sure you’ve got your essentials on hand.

Stay organised at work with our handy infographic

Did you know that:

  • 1 hour of productivity is lost every day due to missing information
  • A person spends about one year of his/her life searching through clutter on their desk looking for misplaced objects
  • 71% of survey respondents feel that a ‘cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind’
  • 28% of survey respondents said that they would save over an hour a day if their work desk was better organized
  • 90% believe clutter has a negative impact on their work
  • 57% of survey respondents admit that they judge their work colleagues by how clean or dirty they keep their workspace

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