Keeping employees happy at work with food

Is your company a place where people want to work? It’s widely known that a happy workplace is a more effective and productive one, so knowing the (often small) perks that keep staff happy is important. It’s not all about leaving early on a Friday and getting regular pay rises — although these things can help — it’s about taking employees by surprise and delighting them with things that really matter on a day-to-day basis.

If you are tasked with managing the office or have a say in how it’s supplied and equipped, here are some cost effective ideas you can put forward to the boss that will hugely improve your company’s physical environment and help motivate your fellow staff members:

Create some natural light

Office workers with natural light exposure are far more likely to be alert, more energetic and in a better mood according to recent research. Pull up any blinds that might be down — even shift the arrangement of the office if it means more desks are closer to the windows.

Get some office plants

Make sure there are plants in the office, because they can boost workplace satisfaction. This is because there is a perception that the air quality in the office is better and, as you’re bringing a bit of the outdoors in, the need to get out and grab some fresh air won’t be as necessary.

Stock your kitchen

The nicest gesture your employer can make is keeping a well-stocked kitchen. This includes tea and coffee, snacks such as fresh office fruit, chips, crackers and nuts, and soft drinks and water. You could even go one step further and offer soy milk as an alternative to dairy. Employees will be delighted not to have to spend their hard earned pennies at the local coffee shop and it will also reduce the amount of times they need to leave the office.

Staff lunch is key

In a similar vein, why not treat them to a staff lunch once a month? Ordering food in will again help them save a bit of extra money, as well as provide an opportunity for some extra bonding. It doesn’t have to be lavish, just traditional sandwiches and a fruit platter would be very appreciated in many workplaces.

After work drinks

If not lunch, then make some time and space for socialising after hours. This can be as simple as a few bottles of beer or a glass of wine on a Friday evening, or maybe even getting breakfast ordered in from a local caterer.

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