Sure, some of them are a bit obscure and many are American, but we’ll take any excuse to eat good food and try new things!

1 January: Bloody Mary Day

This falls on New Year’s Day, so it is already a public holiday in Australia, so it’s likely not going to be celebrated in the office, but why not celebrate this one a little bit early?

Considered by many to be the ultimate hangover cure, this hair of the dog would be ideal after a big New Year’s Eve. 

That said, why shouldn’t this one be ideal not after any celebration? We’re finding more and more workplaces ordering Hangover Day breakfasts the day after their Christmas parties. Pairing a bloody mary alongside those bacon egg rolls, to us, sounds about as close to a perfect breakfast as you can get.

2 January: Buffet Day

It’s the first day back at work for many after a break between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so treat your crew to a buffet-style back-to-work lunch.

Some of our favourite foods to serve buffet style or are great for sharing include sweet and spicy Indian curries, sushi and sashimi platters, pizzas and big Lebanese spreads with plenty of dips. 

4 January: Spaghetti Day

“Bolognese is hands down one of the greatest comfort foods that has ever existed,” writes Delish editor Victoria Chandler. And we don’t disagree with her on this one.

A perfect food for sharing with family and friends, there is something oh-so-comforting about a big bowl of saucy noodles.

Bolognese, carbonara, cacio e pepe or however else you’d like it. As if we needed an excuse to eat spaghetti!

One hand holding a plate of spaghetti while another one picks up noodles with a fork.

5 January: Keto Day

A low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, keto eaters greatly reduce the amount of carbs they’re eating - including carbs from beans, starchy vegetables and fruit. Most people go on this diet for weight loss, but it can have some side effects.

According to Health Direct, it can be a helpful diet for some, including children with epilepsy and those with type 2 diabetes. It’s best to talk to a doctor though before giving it a go long-term.

6 January: Bean Day

Chili, baked beans, toppings on nachos… The ‘musical fruit’ can go into just about any cuisine, so this is one to have fun with!

Bonus points if you watch a few episodes of Mr Bean while eating lunch on this day.

7 January: Tempura Day

You can have sushi any day of the year. Today is tempura’s day to shine.

These crunchy morsels filled with prawns, vegetables or just about anything you can batter, are incredibly moreish. They’re a great side dish, fit right into any bento box or can just be eaten on their own.

Here’s a fun fact about the dish - it was actually introduced to the Japanese by the Portuguese back in the 16th century.

Bowl of prawn and vegetable tempura next to a miso soup.

9 January: Gluten Free Day

While there is a Coeliac Awareness Week in March, today is a day for everyone to try eating gluten-free. So much more complicated than just avoiding bread, you’d be surprised just how many foods gluten finds its way into.

Started by wellness website Feed and Fit back in 2014, This one does change up each year and falls on the second Monday in January.

15 January: Bagel Day

They’re not quite bread, they’re not quite donuts, but they sure are something special. Boiled to perfection before baking, they’re best served slathered in cream cheese or as a sandwich with just about any filling you desire.

While Australia hasn’t quite taken on the love of bagels that North America has, there are still plenty of places to get them, whether at a supermarket, cafe, bakery or delivered straight to your office.

16 January: Quinoa Day

The perfect excuse for a South American feast, this grain originates from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. It’s tasty in salads or used on its own as a side like you would with rice.

Bowl of quinoa with green and brown beans.

18 January: Hot and Spicy Food Day

According to CNN, some of the best spicy food dishes include Sichuan hot pot, piri-piri chicken, jerk chicken, buffalo wings and vindaloo.

Caribbean, Indian, Chinese… the options for spicy foods is endless.

If you’re looking to celebrate this one in the office, consider making it a potluck where everyone brings in their favourite spicy dish. Or, order in from a range of caterers to sample a few different hot cuisines.

18 January: Peking Duck Day

The 18th sure is a busy one! Originating from Beijing (hence the name), Peking Duck is usually eaten rolled up in hand-held pancakes with hoisin or tianmian sauce, spring onion and cucumber.

Many of our catering partners sell these savoury treats. For example, if you’re in Sydney, The Catering Zone does a Peking Duck Pancake Box with 30 pancakes, in Melbourne the Family Tea House makes them too.

You can even swap the duck for cauliflower, mushrooms or get plant-based duck too so vegans and vegetarians don’t need to miss out.

19 January: Popcorn Day

The perfect snack for just about any occasion, popcorn is surprisingly versatile. Have it plain, buttered, covered in caramel, cheesy powder or other sweet toppings to suit any taste. Really easy to pop in a microwave or order through our kitchen pantry and snack suppliers

Want to kick it up a notch? You can even rent a popcorn cart for a day for freshly popped corn made right in your office the old fashioned way.

Bowl of popcorn on checkered napkins with a bowl of salt and unpopped kernels.

20 January: Cheese Lovers Day

Grazing platters, toasties, pizza, Greek salads and pasta — cheese really does make everything better! And celebrating this one really is as easy as the Australian Good Food Guide says… “just eat cheese.”

Consider catering a full lunch or just some cheese boards as snacks. Luckily, plenty of lactose-free and completely dairy-free cheese alternatives are available too so it’s a day everyone can enjoy.

21 January: Granola Bar Day

An easy snack for kitchens or as part of a larger breakfast spread, granola bars are great for a crowd and don’t make any dishes dirty.

22 January: Lunar New Year

It's the Year of the Rabbit and it's time to feast! Lunar New Year, often also called Chinese New Year, is a time to share foods - including noodles, dumplings and sweet rice cakes - that symbolise wealth, luck and longevity.

Read more about celebrating Lunar New Year at the office

22 January: Hot Sauce Day

Not too far of a stretch from the recent Hot and Spicy Food Day, Hot Sauce Day is perfect for those who didn’t yet get their tongue-tingling fill.

A selection of hot sauces available is also handy to keep around the office pantry to add a little heat to homemade lunches or sub-par takeaway.

A selection of red, green and yellow chilis in a range of shapes and sizes.

24 January: Peanut Butter Day

More nutritious than butter as well as vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free peanut butter is just about the perfect spread.

Cater a few peanut butter-based treats, chocolates and cakes for the perfect sweet-salty morning tea or just have it on hand to slather on some toast.

25 January: Fish Taco Day

It’s the middle of summer and if you can’t be at the beach, you may as well eat like you are. 

One of our favourite Latino caterers, Pablo’s Kitchen, does taco boxes with battered flathead, chipotle mayo and veggies in flour tortillas. And if you’re not in Sydney, that’s okay! Cuate in Melbourne also does flaked snapper tacos with pineapple salsa and blackberry mole as does .

(We know fish isn’t everyone’s thing, so consider getting some beef, chicken or vegetarian tacos to go alongside.)

26 January: Australia Day

We understand it's not a day everyone wants to celebrate, but for those that do still with to, here's your excuse to chow down on Tim Tams, lamingtons or pavlova (sorry, New Zealand, but it's ours!).

27 January: Chocolate Cake Day

Whether you’re in an office that does end-of-month birthday cakes or you’re just looking for an excuse to have a little something sweet, Chocolate Cake Day sounds like a great excuse to us. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s where to start.

Brisbane’s Temptation Cakes is very aptly named. It bakes up chocolate mousse cakes, Mississippi mud cakes, double chocolate fantasy cakes and plenty more. Meanwhile, Cozy Cake serves up Brazilian style cakes in Adelaide, including a classic chocolate cake, brownie cake, choco churros cake and a banana brownie cake.

BRB - booking flights to South Australia and Queensland! 

A sliced chocolate cake with coconut flakes on top and two chocolate bars.

29 January: Corn Chip Day

Even with Hot and Spicy Food Day and Fish Taco Day behind you, if you didn’t get your fill of Mexican yet this month, here’s where to seal the deal.

It would just be plain rude not to have piping plates of nachos or chips and guacamole on Corn Chip Day. 

30 January: Croissant Day

We’re pretty sure it’s a fact that everyone loves morning tea. We’re also pretty sure everyone loves French pastries. So why not treat yourselves, your friends and your colleagues to a perfectly buttery croissant this 30 January? 

31 January: Eat Brussels Sprouts Day

This is the day to convince any anti-sprouters that these little green bunches can actually be delicious.

A solid 5-star rating with more than 8,700 reviews, check out this roasted brussels sprouts recipe from the New York Times. If that doesn’t convince you, frankly, we don’t know what will.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with a lemon wedge and rosemary.

January food month 

It’s not just each day that gets a food dedicated to it, but a few have staked claim to the entire month.

January is:

  • Oatmeal Month
  • Soup Month
  • Hot Tea Month
  • Veganuary

See a full year of major events that are great for office catering

Loved the idea of these food days? There’s plenty of non-food themed days out there too that can jazz up the average work day. We found sites like Days Of the Year and National Today to be great resources to find them.

All these events got you hungry? Consider treating your team this January. Check out our menus below.

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