How to impress the boss

Impressing the boss is a big deal when getting into a new job. Arriving early, staying late and keeping focused are all great ways to show the big boss you’ve got it all under control, but here are some ways you can go the extra mile.

10 ways to win over your boss

1. Sometimes it's the little things

The MD doesn’t always have time to sweat the small stuff like bills and invoicing, so organising office catering needs to be simple and streamlined. Once you’ve ordered from us, we’ll only send you one bill so it’s easier to track and manage. One less thing for you to worry about!

2. Client control

Making your boss look good in front of potential clients is a surefire way to keep them happy. A comfortable and inviting atmosphere is key to creating a happy office, and just one of the many ways is to welcome your guests with a fresh cup of gourmet coffee, for the best pre-meeting pick-me-up.  

3. Be memorable

Instead of ordering the same old sandwiches for your next catered office event, why not check out the endless variety of menu options available on Order-In and wow your boss! Vietnamese rice paper rolls, delicate zucchini fritters or delicious Malaysian curries will actually make your boss sit up and take notice instead of taking the food (and you) for granted.

try something different for your working lunch - malaysian corporate catering

4. Be an expert

Even if you’re new to the job, make it seem like you’ve been doing it for years by doing your research. If you’re organising an event, stocking up the kitchen supplies, or ordering food and drinks for a meeting or conference, picking up the phone and chatting to one of our catering or event experts will give you all the know-how you need. We can talk you through menus, quantities, logistics and more, not to mention any details or items you might have missed if you haven’t been doing it as long as we have!

5. Be positive

Try not to be a negative nelly and whinge too much. Sometimes the best thing you can do is put your head down and get the job done, rather than complain about all the work ahead. If you have serious problems to address, constructively approach them and find solutions.

6. Stay focused

Don’t make a habit of online shopping or having long conversations with your co-workers about non-related work subjects. Keep your mind focused and make sure you’re staying on task whenever you can.

stay focused at work!

7. Be open to growth

It’s important to acknowledge that you don’t know everything and sometimes, even if you think you’re right, you’re not. Accepting constructive criticism is essential to professional growth and also shows your boss you are mature and ready to learn more about your industry.

8. Be loyal

To have someone on side, you’ve got to be on their side too. Be loyal to your boss and don’t talk badly of them in front of other people in the office. If there is an issue, talk directly to them in a respectful way to find a solution.

9. Meet or beat deadlines

Handing in something late or unfinished is not the way to go if you’re looking to impress your boss. Deliver a finished product on time or ahead of schedule to keep your boss happy with your progress.

meet your beat your deadlines

10. Happy team, happy life

All bosses know that the key to productivity (and profitability) starts with a happy, motivated team. Friday office drinks are that much more inspiring when they’re well organised and well catered for. Bringing in some delicious eats and refreshments from Order-In’s impressive selection of corporate catering and alcohol delivery menu is sure to help make them feel valued… and productive!

Impress with good food

A sure-fire way to impress your boss is to order some high-quality corporate catering, or excellent event catering menus. Need help with your next corporate catering event? Speak to the corporate catering experts at EatFirst - we'll help you look good! Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, we have an impressive corporate catering solution to suit your needs and budget that will definitely impress the boss.

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