In this ever-evolving remote workspace world, companies are now having to navigate the world of online communications. There’s no doubt this has been a difficult task. From finding the best video chat platform that suits your needs, providing enough content and equipment for your entire office to now work remotely, and then still having to juggle your duties while still keeping everyone feeling connected. It hasn't been easy, that's for sure.

But, now you can breathe a sigh of relief because EatFirst are on it. Keeping up with changing demands has allowed us to expand into the virtual workspace, and craft real-time virtual events that will impress and keep your team feeling happy.  Whilst we miss your in-person events just as much as you do, we are here to help your business take online events to the next level.

Whether you just want to spice up your weekly wrap-ups on a Friday afternoon or have a team milestone you want to celebrate, we can tailor a virtual experience built entirely for your team.

Want to get started straight away? Browse some of our epic Virtual Event options here.

What is a virtual event?

To put it simply, a virtual event is a chance for your team to all gather from a distance, and share some good old fashioned team bonding time. An online event can be held for any celebration, company milestone, or even for your Friday night weekly wind-down session. The beauty of a virtual event is that it can be done from anywhere around the world, even in our current COVID-19 climate. They allow you to keep all those key calendar dates, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

The best virtual event ideas

The Amazing Race

Forget planes, trains and abseiling off skyscrapers, enjoy all the thrills of The Amazing Race while working remotely. Teams complete a series of challenges that include taking photos, building objects, completing movie and music trivia, lateral thinking and more.

Virtual Wine Tasting

A couple of bottles of wine, an antipasto platter and a certified sommelier to talk you through your tasting, what could be better? It's the wine tour you've always wanted, but at half the cost.

Virtual Games Night & Trivia

A classic in the virtual event and online meeting space, sometimes there's nothing like a classic trivia night to get the morale boosted.

A WFH Workout Session

Get refreshed with a working from home workout session! Experience a Virtual Barre Fusion class; a 45-min workout inspired by mat pilates, HIIT, strength training and dance. It’s a complete mind and body workout and ideal for a team wellbeing exercise.

Whiskey Tasting

Enjoy some salted pretzels and a glass of whiskey on the rocks with your team. An excellent choice for those special occasion celebrations or team milestones, or for your higher-up executives.

Bake With Me: Cookies

Each team member will receive a baking pack, with all the dry ingredients they need to make some decadent and delicious cookies. Plus, some fun icing to decorate the final product! We suggest holding a competition for who can create the best bake.

Comedy Night

Send your team some snack and drinks packs, and have a comedian join your video chat for a unique virtual meeting experience. Sit back, relax and let someone else do the talking.

Movie Watch-along

An intimate team bonding session, that is a great idea for your smaller departments or teams.

Cooking Classes

Learn a new skill with your teammates! Get a box of fresh ingredients delivered to your door, and jump online with one of our professional chefs. They'll help you whip up something delicious for an epic virtual event experience.

Virtual Happy Hour

Enjoy something fun for your team wrap-ups with a cheeky cocktail or mocktail kit, with antipasto and snack platters.

Virtual Event Catering: it's a thing!

Yes, you read that right. Not only can Order-In cater for your awesome live events, but we can also make sure your virtual events are looked after.

Some catering ideas for your online events:

  • Individual antipasto boxes with drinks
  • Fresh and hot pizzas
  • Healthy poke bowls
  • Cocktail kits
  • Salty snacks and beers
  • Individual morning or afternoon tea packs

How to set up a virtual event or online meeting

Whether you are holding an online event or a virtual meeting, these tips and tricks will make sure you're ready to impress, no matter the occasion.

Pick your favourite platform

Decide on what platform works best for your team ahead of time, and make sure you communicate this so others can download all the appropriate software and get it up and running prior to the meeting start time.

Ensure your technology is ready to go

Whether your meeting is audio-only, or you are setting up a Zoom chat, make sure your app is up to date, your mic is working and your webcam is ready to go. This will not only get the meeting kick-started fast, it will help make sure you don’t need to run overtime to compensate for set-up times. 

Set an agenda and stick to it

Just as it’s an important step for face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings need an agenda too. When sending your invite make sure to write a description that includes your agenda, discussion topics or even what people may need to prepare. 

Try to send invites in advance

While there are always occasions for impromptu brainstorm sessions or urgent meetings, try and give people time to prepare for your virtual meetings. For now, the days of quickly pulling someone into the boardroom are gone, and you need to ensure they receive your virtual invite and are free to accept. 

Collaboration is key

If you’re the leader in your meeting, be sure to encourage input from all members. Now is the time to encourage problem-solving, new and fresh ideas and seeking opinions from your entire team. While we all are learning to navigate this new online world, it’s a great chance to seek some innovation from your team. 

EatFirst, Your Virtual Event Experts

When it comes to real time virtual event experiences and online meeting catering, we are your go-to. From helping make sure your online events have an impressive impact but also making sure each and every team member receives something delicious; we're here to tailor a solution just for you.

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