How Australians waste time at work

Australians waste a lot of time at work. Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you’re getting work done! Did you know that:

  • 51% of employees waste time use their phones at work to check weather sites
  • 24% use their phones at work to go online shopping
  • 48% of Australians waste time talking to colleagues face-to-face
  • 42% of Australians surveyed waste time in work meetings or events

We’ve become so addicted to our smartphones that we can’t seem to put it down:

  • 16% of time wasters check their phones between 26 and 50 times a day
  • 31% of Australians always or very often use their smartphone in the office
  • 28% of employees surveyed said they sometimes use their smartphone while in a business meeting

Some of the biggest time wasters at work include:

  • Checking weather sites
  • Playing games on your mobile phone
  • Online shopping
  • Visiting a dating site
  • Logging into social media sites
  • Taking long breaks
  • Engaging in gossip

Low productivity in the workplace can also have a negative impact on your company:

  • Lower morale as other employees have to pick up the slack
  • Loss in revenue

Check out our infographic below for other interesting time wasting statistics. We’ve also included some tips on to motivate staff in the workplace (these are great employee benefits too), including:

Help your staff be more productive at work by:

  • Blocking certain websites, such as Facebook
  • Allowing staff to work from home
  • Using time management and task productivity tools, such as Trello, Onetab or Offtime

How to keep staff engaged and productive

Supply food for the office

Eating enough food and healthy eating habits has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Supplying corporate catering and healthy snacks for your office is a great way to increase focus.

Supplying office coffee solutions

Ensuring your staff have a great coffee solution in house will make sure they don’t have to leave the office to get their caffeine fix. It’s also a great solution for the 3pm afternoon slump.

Blocking certain websites

You can block certain social media websites that could cause distractions at work.

Allowing staff to work from home

Studies has shown flexible working hours are the best way to encourage healthy work-life balance and higher productivity rates for your staff. Allowing staff to work from home will give them the opportunity to get more done in their own space.

Management and task productivity tools

Productivity tools are a great way for employees to track their work and see how much they are getting done, what they need to do and assign due dates. Try out Asana or Trello for keeping track company wide.

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