With a new decade comes new food trends, and with new food trends comes some exciting new corporate catering options! Utilising the latest in catering trends will not only keep your menu fresh and exciting for your staff, it's also the perfect opportunity if you want to create some connections at your events.

Whether you want to add it to the lunch table, include something fresh at your next corporate event or see how it goes at your next staff lunch, try out one or all of these up and coming popular catering trends.  

Plant-based protein  

Diets that focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains will continue to thrive in 2020. Not only has these menu item's popularity stood the test of time, but vegan and plant-based protein options are more accessible than ever.  Whether it's are burger patties, hot dogs or poke bowls, there's a plant-based option everyone will like. So much so that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will be digging into these trends.

Vegan comfort food  

Speaking of plant-based foods, expect to see a whole lot more vegan snacks and comfort food on the catering menu! From decadent but healthy office snacks to vegan catering items that warm the soul. It will be easy to keep all your special dietary options inclusive this year!

Fusion food menu

Sushi burritos, nacho pizza, Korean fried chicken burger, finger food, you name it! Fusion cuisine will be landing on a lot of catering menus this year. These fun amalgamations of foods people already like, are an impressive way to feed a crowd in your office or for your corporate event.

Emphasis on the environment

Everyone has something in common coming into this new decade; we all want to be better to our planet. Not only is a heightened emphasis on the environment dictating how a lot of us are choosing how to live our lives, we also have seen this trend be echoed in catering menus. Sustainably sourced ingredients, locally sourced items, and reusable catering items have been top of the priority caterer priority list, to ensure what lands on your table is sustainable.

Even office pantry supplies will aim to be more sustainable, with fruit and milk coming directly from local suppliers, a reduction of single-use plastics coupled with healthy office snacks. Office kitchens will be serving food that is good for you and good for the environment.

Food waste warriors

On the same note, people are aiming to reduce their food waste. Whether that is through a composting solution in the office, or donating leftovers to charities such as OzHarvest, there's definitely more than one way to reduce your catering food waste. Check out our how much to order guide to avoid over-ordering, whether it is for your corporate event, finger food catering or one time orders.

Dairy alternatives

Coconut yogurt, oat milk, dairy-free sour cream, you name it! Dairy-free alternatives will be popping up everywhere this new year, and don't expect them to go anywhere soon. People are aiming more than ever to keep their special dietary foods inclusive, so everyone in the office can enjoy what's on offer.

Food stations

They are fun, easy to set up and perfect for a fun staff lunch option, or an interesting catering trend to include in your next corporate event. Do it yourself food stations can be anything from burrito rolling tables, make your own poke bowls, sushi table or hotdog stations. Having every gathered around the tables makes it not only a great interactive way to increase morale, but it will also add some extra flair to your next event. This trend will surely stick around into 2020 and beyond.

A pick n' mix pantry

Expect office kitchens and the foods inside them to get a makeover this year! Staff will be able to pick and choose from a range of healthy office snacks, including nuts, popcorn, dark chocolate alongside the fresh fruit and milk, in a fun pick n' mix fashion. Not only is this an effective way of keeping everything organised, but having a stocked pantry of healthy snacks will keep staff motivated and energised throughout their working week.

Kitchen is looking good and staff are feeling even better! A win win.

After work and event mocktails

After work drinks but make it alcohol free! Whilst people are becoming more conscious of their health, mocktails and alcohol free drinks are rising in popularity. Why not add some to your corporate catering for your next event, alongside your classic grazing table? A few mocktails alongside the usual cocktail, wine and beer options will not only set you apart and impress, but your guests will be able to try something fresh and unique at your cocktail party.

Let's get you on-trend

Check out all of these excellent catering trends and catering packages with the help of our easy to use online platform. Have all your catering needs met at the click of a button! From working lunch, boardroom catering, corporate events, morning tea, afternoon tea catering and breakfast catering, we have it covered. Check out corporate and event catering options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Jump online and browse what is popular in your area or get a quote from our customer service superstars!

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