As we all prepare to get back into our routines and head back to work following, it's no question people are thinking about how to handle food in the office.  Whilst COVID 19 is still at the front of our minds, it's important to have a plan in place to keep workers safe and happy in the workplace.

Here is how to incorporate food into your return to work program, with your worker's health, and safety in mind.

Brisk Catering lunch box

Tips for food in common areas

Before understanding what kind of food or snacks you need to order for the back to work rush, first, you need to decide whether you want to still have food in common areas and if so, having very clear guidelines on how the employees can safely enjoy it.

Think areas like the coffee machine, office fridge and break table; all areas that you would normally see a bowl of fruit, a few bottles of milk and snack dispensers. While it might look a bit different now, there are still awesome ways to include tasty and healthy food in your office kitchens.

Single-serve snacks, single-use milk pods and fruit left on each employee's desk solves the issue of congregating in common areas, but still shows your team you support them by providing a welcoming space for them to work. We suggest crafting a "back to work" pack, with not only some hand sanitiser, a face mask and wipes, but also some portioned snacks, milk, tea and coffee, to help settle them back to work.

Food delivery guidelines

Limiting your food delivery is super important, as it will ensure your office space is not reaching its capacity. The best way to ensure this, and to stop your staff from ordering from food delivery services throughout the day, is to consolidate your office food supply.

Things to consider regarding food delivery:

  • Will it be contactless delivery?
  • If so, where is your designated drop off zone?
  • Is it better to centralise all food ordering services onto one platform?

Order-In can help consolidate pantry supply, fruit and milk, sanitation items, staff meals and more, all under one platform. This offers you complete transparency across all areas and every delivery.

Food ideas for your back to work program

Bento Boxes

Mix and match bento boxes from The Catering Department are a fun way to do a bento lunch.

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Brisk Catering bento box lunch

Curry and Rice

A classic curry and rice not only warms the soul with a hearty kick, but it serves as an excellent single-serve dish.

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Poke Bowls

An all-time favourite, poke bowls offer a delicious and hearty lunch, that is a super easy solution to an individually packed lunch.

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Cheeky Poke Bar tuna poke bowl

Noodle Box

Vietnamese spicy noodles, pad Thai or even Singapore noodle salad; there are some seriously delicious options when it comes to noodle boxes. Warm, cold, healthy or a treat, make this menu option your own without having to worry about cross-contamination.

Check out our options for Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Salad & Sandwich Combo

A hearty and delicious salad, with a sandwich or roll, always does the trick! A classic combo for a reason; it's healthy, customisable and easily portioned into a single-serve and wrapped meal.

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Ultimo Catering sandwich and salad box


Have an office birthday or milestone? Don't let COVID 19 stop you from celebrating. Simply adjust! Instead of a full cake, order each person one cupcake, or a single sweet treat. Also a great solution for single-serve morning teas.

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Single-Serve Morning Tea Box

Everybody loves a delicious morning tea, and now we can accommodate single-serve boxes. 

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


Enjoy some burritos for your working lunch! They are individually prepared, wrapped and served. A perfect post-COVID solution for your office lunch. (Even better with a side of chips and guac).

Check out our options for Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

Zambrero burrito, chips and guac

Order-In post-COVID services

Whether you need sanitisation services, hands-free sanitisation stations, antibacterial wipes, face masks, or sanitiser, we have it all covered with our epic range of post-COVID office supplies.

*Please note these tips and tricks should always only be made in accordance with your local government health and safety advice targeted towards employers.

Government return to work COVID 19 Guidelines for Each State:

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