Supporting sustainable catering practices

Minimise your company's footprint with our sustainable catering options

We're Committed to Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Rating

We encourage best-practice by rating our suppliers' sustainability measures on a number of important criteria, and showcasing this to our customers

Recyclable Kitchen Utensils

We encourage our suppliers to use catering trays, cutlery and napkins that are recyclable, compostable, or made from recycled sustainable resources

Locally Sourced Ingredients

You can rest assured knowing that everything is sourced from local and vetted Australian businesses, including Indigenous suppliers and social enterprises!

Our propriety sustainability rating is encouraging sustainability efforts of our suppliers

We have holistically defined sustainability across 6 dimensions - with a focus on reducing waste and carbon emissions  

We assess our supplier’s practices across these dimensions to give them an overall rating between 1 to 5. We also work to educate them on ways to reduce their environmental footprint

This 5 leaf rating will be visible on all our caterers’ menus, to improve transparency and help customers in making a better choice on sustainable catering

Our Clients Value our Commitment to Sustainability

Tanya, Commonwealth Bank

'The fact that eatfirst makes it easy for me to identify sustainable suppliers is fantastic'

Richard, Schneider Electric

'Being able to ensure the sustainability of the caterers we use is one of the most important aspects for us when choosing our suppliers. The fact EatFirst helps us with this is invaluable'